Teen Racer Wins IMPACT Racing Hard Charger Award at Irwindale Speedway

Cody Swanson had an eventful weekend driving the Speed Wong No. 90 Legend car at Irwindale Speedway. The Norco, California teen spent the morning taking his SAT test. As a result, he missed both morning practices but arrived at Irwindale just before qualifying. 
Cody Swanson (R)
Cody Swanson (R)
“I jumped straight into the Legend car to qualify,” said Cody Swanson. “I qualified 26th out of 37 drivers.”
Cody Swanson in No.90 Legend CarCody Swanson in No.90 Legend Car

Swanson had a great start and by the end of the first lap he was in the 22nd spot. At the half way point he was 13th. There were several cautions and Swanson continued to climb the ranks. Coming to the white flag, he went into 9th position on the last lap between turns one and two.

Swanson was awarded the IMPACT Racing Hard Charger Award because he qualified 26th and finished 9th. “The No.90 Legend car is equipped with K&N Engineering Oil and Air Filters,” said Cody’s father Kirk Swanson. “We don’t have to worry about anything with K&N Products.”

Cody Swanson, 16, rode his first dirt bike at 3-years-old. At 7, he was in his first go kart and began racing in competitions at 10. He is highly motivated and races at some of the most challenging tracks in the southwestern United States.

“This is my 2nd year with K&N Engineering as a sponsor,” said Cody. “K&N was an integral part of all my success in 2006. We won the California State Championship in the Yamaha F200 class in karting. We also finished 5th at the IKF Grand Nationals in the HPV4 and HPV3 class. All of that success was with K&N’s Kart Air Box and or Air Filter.”

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