Dream Victory for Teen with Tri-C Karters in Beaumont, California

Jacob Pearlman had a main goal when his 2007 racing season began. The 14-year-old Carlsbad, California resident wanted to win at Moran Raceway. After three years of trying, JP earned a first place victory at the Tri-C Karters May meet at Moran.

Jacob Pearlman and his HPV-4 Junior Trophy
Jacob Pearlman and his HPV-4 Junior Trophy
The Tri-C Karters is one of the largest clubs in the Western portion of the United States. There are nearly 200 entries on a typical race day in both the HPV-2 and HPV-4 Junior classes. JP dominated the day earning two poles as the top qualifier in both classes.

In the 10 lap HPV-4 Junior heat race, JP led the field and stayed out front to win by over 8 seconds. The HPV-2 race started out the same. He lead every lap and won the heat.

In the HPV-2 main, Pearlman led the first two-thirds of the race with recurring engine problems. He was able to take 2nd place.

“The HPV-4 Junior main was a dog fight between Jacob and his friend Bobby Kelly,” said JP’s father Richard Pearlman. “JP’s motor began to fade and Bobby picked up the pace. JP took the early lead with Kelly right on his rear bumper. They ran that way for several laps. JP was constantly working the jetting needles as he struggled to bring his motor back to life. With a split-second, last minute braking maneuver, JP kept a slim lead through turn 17, and down to the checkered flag for a win.”

The Pearlman family uses K&N Engineering products. “We had a great deal of work to do to set up JP’s Rotax kart to run in the HPV-4 Junior Class,” said Richard Pearlman. “The K&N Airbox and Filter are easy to service and helped make swapping the motors much easier.”

“It feels great to finally get that Tri-C win at Moran,” said Jacob Pearlman. “This place is awesome and one of my favorite places to race.” JP’s next race will be on Saturday, May 19th. He will compete in Round 6 of the Gatorz Karting Cup Rotax Max Challenge Series at the Willow Springs raceway Kart Track.

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