NHRA Super Street Racer Gary Thompson #1 in Jegs Allstar Points

Racers in NHRA Super Street try to run as close to 10.9 seconds in a quarter of a mile without going under 10.9 seconds. Reaction time at the start is key, said Super Street racer Gary Thompson who has run a near perfect 10.9 seconds 6 times in his index and class.

Gary drives a 1986 Corvette with a 400 Chevrolet small block 400 cubic inch engine. “K&N filters (HP-3002) are the only filters I’ve ever had on my Corvette,” said Gary. “The sticky tires on drag cars pick up a lot of pebbles and dirt, and K&N performance filters really work and keep my motor clean.”

In Arizona, Gary won Division 7 in Super Street in the Lucas Oil Drag Series. “The K&N filter has a nut on the bottom and all I need is my crescent wrench,” said Thompson. “When I fire up the car I don’t have to worry about a bursting container with this K&N filter.”

Gary’s wife Nancy Thompson races a 2004 Corvette with a K&N Air Intake System. “Nancy has picked up 3 tenths of a second in ET Bracket Racing with the K&N system,” said Thomson. “She races at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma in the Wednesday Night Drags.”

Gary began racing in 1966 and currently ranks number 1 in Jegs Allstar points. The 56-year-old Santa Rosa resident was Division 7 Super Street champion in 2003 and 2005.

Gary is headed to Tucson, Arizona next for the Lucas Oil Division 7 race. “I would like to do well,” said Gary. “I hope to qualify for Chicago.”

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