NHRA Semi-Final Finish at Englishtown, New Jersey for Jeff Arend

NHRA Drag Racer Jeff Arend defeated Scott Kalitta in round one, went on to defeat Tim Wilkerson in round two and lost to Tommy Johnson with a semi-final finish at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

Semi-final finish for Jeff Arend at Englishtownl Semi-final finish for Jeff Arend at Englishtown
“Jeff drove his Team Worsham blue Checker, Schuck’s Kragen Impala SS with K&N Engineering products at Englishtown, New Jersey with amazing consistency,” said CSK Team Manager Bob Wilber. “He kept the car straight, kept it whole and earned his wins. But all he and most everyone else will remember is his heartbreaking loss in the semi-finals.”

“We had a great day, and did everything just about right,” said Arend. “We got edged out by a very good team having a very good day.”Arend, put one solid lap on the board during the four qualifying sessions. The lap ran his 2007 qualifying streak to 10-for-10, sharing that honor only with Gary Scelzi.

“We made a good lap on Friday night, but that’s not what we were really after,” said Arend. “We wanted to be in the final, and we felt we could certainly win. My guys put a great car on the track for three straight rounds, and we nailed the numbers each time. We just lost by a few feet. We’ll go to Norwalk with our heads high and our confidence right there.

“We use K&N Oil Filters and we never missed a minute of racing due to any filter failure,” said Wilber. “You need that kind of confidence to continually send your divers out on the track in 330 mph race cars. That’s why we continue to spin those K&N Filters into place before every run. K&N Oil Filters are one part of the equation we never have to worry about.”

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