K&N Themed Funny Car to Compete at NHRA Gatornationals

Del Worsham
Del Worsham

Phil Burkart
Phil Burkart
Three big names have united for an elite race in historic Gainesville, Florida where one NHRA Nitro Top Fuel Funny car will change like a chameleon and K&N Engineering’s colors will shine at the NHRA Gatornationals.

For the first time K&N Engineering, Inc., has a marketing relationship with Worsham Racing and CSK Auto, Inc., that will feature an orange and black 2005 Monte Carlo driven by racer Phil Burkart. “We will change from the checkered CSK to K&N colors for one race,” said Worsham Team Manager Bob Wilber. “It is a one-time K&N primary sponsored Funny Car event.”

Driver Phil Burkart, 37, of Yorkville, New York and driver, crew chief Del Worsham, 36, of Chino Hills, California are the NHRA stars of Worsham Racing. “We are going to Gainesville with guns loaded,” said Wilber. “The track can be very challenging but it’s a great place to run.”

K&N oil filters (HP-5001) will be used by Worsham Racing at the NHRA Gatornationals and for the rest of the racing season. “The K&N filter is absolutely optimal for the demands that our race cars to face,” said Wilber.

K&N Engineering’s premium Performance Gold Oil Filter has many features to satisfy the demands of racers, such as drilled safety wire holes for racing, heavy duty construction and a sturdy one-inch wrench nut to make oil filter removal quick and easy.  “Time is crucial, for every 5 second lap our crew works 2 hours and everything has to be just right,” said Wilber. “The K&N Oil Filter is easy to install, we literally spin it on with one hand and tighten it.”

Concept K&N Car Design for the 2006 NHRA Gatornationals
Concept for K&N/CSK Funny Car for the NHRA Gatornationals.

K&N Oil Filter in Del Worsham's Funny Car
K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter in Del Worsham's Funny Car.
Phil Burkart will be driving the 7,000 HP 500 cubic inch Hemi supercharged K&N NHRA Nitro Funny car. “This is Phil’s third full season with Worsham Racing,” said Wilber. “He joined us in 2003.” Phil completed his first full season as a professional driver in 2004. His two wins and Top Ten finish were career marks, and moved him into the ranks of well known contenders. Phil had his first career win in 1999, (not for Worsham Racing), behind the wheel of a Nitro Fish Funny Car at the Columbus race. “He has been racing since he was 14-years-old,” said Wilber.

NHRA Nitro Top Fuel Funny cars are so loud you can feel the noise. It can be a mind blowing event for first timers and a familiar beat for fans.

The 37th annual Gatornationals are March 17 through 19. Sunday night is the big race. It will be televised by ESPN2, check your local program guide for times and dates. “It is like spring-break with wall-to-wall people,” said Wilber. “It’s really the first race of the season in the east and people come from all over the world to watch.”

The K&N logo will run all year on the rear windows and sides of the cars near the header pipes for the blue and red Worsham racing funny cars. “We also have the K&N logo on our fire suits and crew uniforms,” Wilber said.

“We are thrilled to be part of the K&N family,” said Wilber.

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