2006 Champ Car Pace Team Adds More Power with K&N Air Intakes

The Champ Car Pace Team uses high-performance top of the range production models from Ford, Mustang G3s and Ford Focus SVTs. The Ford Focus SVTs are equipped with the Typhoon Air Intake System (69-3511TP) supplied by K&N Engineering, said Pace Car Program Manager Joel Butland. The Mustang G3s are equipped with the 63-2565 AirCharger Intake.

“We noticed extra horsepower on the vehicles,” said Joel. “Engine service, installation and maintenance are very easy with K&N products.”

The Champ Car Pace team is a group of professional female drivers. In April 2006, it will be time again for the Champ Car Fast Laps. It is a pay-per-ride program that allows the public to see and feel up close the speed and thrills of the race.

K&N Engineering gave away several Intake Kits in 2005 as a promotion with the Champ Car Pace team. The plans are the same in 2006; those who register in the on-line sweepstakes will have the same opportunity to win one of several K&N Intake Kits from April 7th through November 6th.

“K&N Engineering makes great products,” said Joel.

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