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K&N Replacement Air Filters Let Your Yamaha Kodiak or Grizzly Breathe

YA-7016 filter side view

The YA-7016 is designed for exceptional filtration in extreme conditions

Want to put sharper claws on your bear? The K&N YA-7016 replacement air filter is designed to provide increased horsepower and acceleration for your Yamaha Kodiak or Grizzly by providing extra airflow. The YA-7016 fits directly and securely into the ATV's stock air box and is engineered for the tough duty for which the Kodiak and Grizzly are designed.

Yes, as is the case with every K&N air filter, an increase in performance is a major design goal. However, K&N engineers know that there is an added requirement for filters that will be used in off-road applications. The YA-7016 meets these demands with multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media which provide excellent filtration. K&N leaves nothing to chance in product testing and the filter for the Kodiak and Grizzly has reached an overall filtration efficiency of over 98.5% in verified and rigorous testing. Look at the air filter test data sheet on the product information page to evaluate the detailed testing protocol and results. You can rest assured that the YA-7016 filter will keep your Yamaha ATV engine clean and protected in dusty and dirty conditions.

YA-7016 filter side view

The sealing bead on the YA-7016 is designed for a secure fit

What's more, the added airflow and exceptional protection that the YA-7016 provides typically requires no fuel management modifications. The added airflow is especially effective at the high altitudes where the Kodiak and Grizzly often stalk the woods. The K&N air filter is truly a direct replacement for the stock air filter and the filter body is carefully designed with an application-specific sealing bead to ensure a tight and secure fit.

One of the biggest benefits of the K&N filter for off road enthusiasts is the fact that the YA-7016 is fully washable and reusable. Whereas paper element filters can be ready for the trash bin after just one extreme ride, the K&N simply needs a washing and re-oiling to be ready for the next adventure. Not only does this reusability save huge money for off-roaders, it helps protect the beautiful outdoors to which ATVs give us access. The washing process is made easy and convenient with the 99-5000 filter care service kit.

YA-7016 filter side view and box

The YA-7016 comes ready to use out of the box

You will not find more competent ATVs on the market than the Grizzly and Kodiak, and there is not a more reliable filter than the K&N YA-7016. The filtration provided by the cartridge is exceptional and the added airflow will open up the lungs of your big bear.

For all K&N filters for the YFM700K Kodiak visit the Yamaha YFM700K Kodiak air filter page. For all K&N filters for the YFM700F Grizzly visit the Yamaha YFM700F Grizzly air filter page.

The K&N YA-7016 fits the following ATVs:

2017 YAMAHA YFM700K KODIAK EPS 708 - All Models
2017 YAMAHA YFM700K KODIAK 708 - All Models
2017 YAMAHA YFM700K KODIAK EPS SE 708 - All Models
2017 YAMAHA YFM700F GRIZZLY FI AUTO 4X4 708 - All Models
2016 YAMAHA YFM700K KODIAK EPS 708 - All Models
2016 YAMAHA YFM700K KODIAK 708 - All Models
2016 YAMAHA YFM700K KODIAK EPS SE 708 - All Models
2016 YAMAHA YFM700F GRIZZLY FI AUTO 4X4 708 - All Models



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