Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade To A K&N Air Filter: Feel The Difference with K&N Filters!


When it comes to performance and power, airflow matters! In order to make more power, you need to add both air and fuel to maximize your performance gains. However, you can’t just remove your stock air filter and hope that debris doesn’t make it into your engine. You wouldn’t wander through a sandstorm without googles, right? That’s exactly how your engine feels about having to breathe in dusty environments. The life of your air filter is not all sunshine and rainbows while you stomp on the gas pedal up the onramp only to come up on bumper-to-bumper traffic. Now you’re sitting there stuck in air that isn’t quite as clean as you think it would be as your engine is now breathing in road grime and dirty particles that you can’t see with the naked eye.


02-kn-drop-in-air-filter-replacement 02-kn-drop-in-air-filter-replacement


Luckily, K&N Air Filters are designed and engineered to deliver more power while filtering out the bad stuff you don’t want to go into your engine or into delicate components like the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Whether you want an original High-Flow™ Cotton Air Filter or a DryFlow® Synthetic Air Filter, you can find what your daily driver, muscle car, truck, Jeep or 4x4 needs to step up the performance to the best filters available.  


03-1969-chevy-camaro-kn-drag-car-wheelstand 03-1969-chevy-camaro-kn-drag-car-wheelstand


K&N Engineering has been synonymous with motorsports since 1969 from the street to track and all points in-between and beyond – like the middle of the Mojave, the sand dunes in Glamis or the harsh terrain of Baja!  


04-kn-high-flow-air-intake-63-1565 04-kn-high-flow-air-intake-63-1565

Increased Performance 

Performance is built into the DNA at K&N. Every product is built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Both High-Flow™ and DryFlow® Air Filters allow for improved airflow to allow your engine to breathe easier to help make more power.  


05-jeep-wrangler-jl-kn-air-filters-dyno-test 05-jeep-wrangler-jl-kn-air-filters-dyno-test


Every K&N Air Filter and Cold Air Intake design undergoes stringent airflow testing on a flow bench capable of measuring airflow rates up to 1,020 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at test pressures of up to 65 inches of water. (read more about our testing here:


06-kn-14-inch-round-air-filter-washable-getting-cleaned 06-kn-14-inch-round-air-filter-washable-getting-cleaned

Save Money Over Time 

In the automotive world, there’s a handful of old sayings frequently preached by seasoned enthusiasts to bestow the words of wisdom on the younger generations. Arguably the most common and poignant is that you get what you pay for. It’s no surprise then that investing your money in quality parts is a no brainer, and when it comes to air filters, K&N Air Filters are in a league of their own. Upgrading to a K&N Air Filter provides many benefits, and one of the biggest ones is that you only have to buy it once since it’s reusable. By the time you add up the cost of an air filter you’ve had to replace a few times in just a few short years, you could have had a K&N Air Filter. Since they’re guaranteed to last the life of your vehicle, it's the last air filter you will ever need to buy for your car. That’s something you just can’t get from a paper element filter that you have to toss in the trash every few times you change your engine oil.   


07-kn-filters-pro2-short-course-truck 07-kn-filters-pro2-short-course-truck

Protects Your Engine 

Some of us like to play in mud, dirt and sand, and some filters just can’t keep up with the demands of a dirty environment. K&N Engineering puts every air filter and air intake design to the test, subjecting them to thorough ISO 5011 filtration efficiency testing to ensure your vehicle gets what it needs to perform its best in all conditions. In addition to protecting your engine from dirt and debris, a clogged filter can cause even greater engine problems. For example, turbocharged engines can fail due to the turbocharger having trouble keeping up with power demands as a result of the resistance across a clogged air filter. It causes massive stress on the turbocharger as it can no longer create the same boost for the given airflow which means the impeller speed can exceed the limitations of the bearings and seals. If left unchecked, the turbo overspeed condition will smoke the bearings and you’ll be left stranded.  


Wash, Rinse and Refresh  

No matter how dirty you get your K&N Air Filter, you can always wash it out, let it dry and re-oil it with a K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit. Off-road racers and motorsports competitors have trusted K&N for their air filtration needs for over 55 years. K&N Filters have been put to the test against rocks, mud, silt, sand, heat, water and even snow and they consistently dominate. It really is as simple as wash, rinse and refresh.  




You’ll want to use the K&N Cotton Air Filter Cleaner and spray it on both sides of the filter in generous amounts, letting it sit for ten minutes to allow the cleaner to loosen the grime. Once you’ve done that you can hose it out from the clean side of the filter forcing the water and filth out on the dirty side until the filter is free from debris. Repeat it as necessary for heavily contaminated filters. DO NOT use high pressure air from an air blow gun or a pressure washer to clean out debris as it can damage the cotton filter material.  


10-kn-filters-red-filter-oil-squeeze-bottle-application 10-kn-filters-red-filter-oil-squeeze-bottle-application


After cleaning, shake off excess water and allow it to dry naturally. Once it’s dry, you can add the K&N Filter Oil using either a squeeze bottle or aerosol spray can. Apply the filter oil evenly along the crown of each pleat, allow the oil to wick for 20 minutes and then touch up any areas until the filter is a uniform red color and wipe off any excess areas and ensure none is dripping from the filter. Reinstall it in the airbox or on your engine and you’re ready to hit the road.  


11-jeep-gladiator-on-37s-overland-jeep-jk 11-jeep-gladiator-on-37s-overland-jeep-jk

Long Lasting 

K&N Air Filters can go up to 75,000 miles (under normal highway driving conditions) before air filter cleaning and re-oiling is necessary. The oversized conical air filters used on K&N Air Intake Systems are designed to go up to 100,000 miles before it’s time to service the air filter. Obviously, this is all depends on the environment your vehicle sees but you can see how a K&N Air Filter will allow you to clean and maintain your filter for the long road ahead.  
In addition, every K&N High-Flow™ and DryFlow® Air Filter and K&N Air Intake is backed by a No-Hassle Lifetime Limited Warranty!  


12-2021-Dodge-Challenger-SRT-392-red-car-to-car-driving-shot 12-2021-Dodge-Challenger-SRT-392-red-car-to-car-driving-shot

While these are the Top 5 reasons to upgrade your vehicle’s air filtration system to a K&N Air Filter, there are many more reasons why you should consider making the jump. If you’re looking to take your truck, Jeep, 4x4, muscle car or daily driver to the next level, you can trust that K&N Engineering has what you need to let your engine really breathe.


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