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K&N Performance Air Intake for Mazda RX-8 Models Deliver Estimated Gain of 10 Horsepower

RIVERSIDE, CA – Rotary engines are alive and well, thanks to Mazda's new RX-8. Sounding like an angry swarm of sewing machines, the 2003 to 2011 RX-8 is powered by the Renesis rotary, which was recently named 2003 International Engine of the Year. It's the latest in an illustrious engine family that dates back to the 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sports coupe.
K&N's Mazda RX-8 air intake system 69-6030-1TFK gains an estimated 10 horsepower when installed.
K&N's Mazda RX-8 air intake system 69-6030-1TFK gains an estimated 10 horsepower when installed.

Rated at 238 HP in the 6-speed version of the RX-8, the Renesis engine comes from the factory with untapped power potential. K&N engineers discovered this while designing a short-ram-style Typhoon® air intake system for Mazda RX-8 Part 69-6030-1TFK. On K&N's Dynojet 248 dynamometer, the Mazda RX-8 air intake produced an estimated 10 additional horsepower at the drive wheels.

Performance enthusiasts will be blown away by the K&N Typhoons Kit's looks as well as its performance. For starters, the system's intake tube is made of free-flowing, mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum. The system's billet aluminum mass-air sensor adapter is fully TIG welded to the intake tube prior to finishing.

Air enters K&N's Mazda RX-8 performance air intake through a tapered round K&N air filter. This air filter features a high-tech, carbon-fiber cap and single velocity-stack base from K&N's in-house advanced-composites shop as well as a pleated filtration area made of oil-impregnated cotton-gauze sandwiched between epoxy-coated aluminum wire mesh. The air filter can be cleaned and re-oiled repeatedly with a K&N Recharger Kit for a lifetime of performance.

Other features that set K&N's air intake for Mazda RX-8 models apart include its high-temperature, multi-ply DuPont® Nomex®-reinforced silicone hose couplings with stainless-steel barrel clamps. Its mounting brackets are powdercoated black, and all hardware is stainless steel. Installation of K&N's Mazda RX-8 air intake system simply involves replacing the OE airbox and intake tract and does not require drilling.

Performance air intake 69-6030-1TFK will fit the following Mazda RX-8 models:

2011 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2010 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2009 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2008 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2007 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2006 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2005 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2004 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2
2003 MAZDA RX-8 1.3L R2

For additional information, please contact K&N Engineering, Inc., P.O. Box 1329, Riverside, CA 92502-1329, (800) 213-4182 for a dealer near you, (800) 858-3333 for technical service/questions, (951) 826-4001 Fax, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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