Get All-Weather Protection With New Full Synthetic Motor Oil From K&N

K&N motor oil being poured into the engine bay

For years, racers and daily drivers alike have relied on the outstanding performance of K&N oil filters to protect their engines from premature wear. With that in mind, K&N has recently engineered a new product offering—premium full synthetic motor oil, designed to offer you top-tier engine lubrication and protection.


If you're reading this, you probably already know the importance of good oil filtration, and you care about what you put in your car. We're like you—and we won't settle for anything less than leader-of-the-pack quality. That's why we've formulated this premium oil with a unique blend of additives, offering you the perfect pairing for your K&N oil filter.

This premium synthetic oil is engineered with proprietary SYNTHAMAX® technology to help protect your engine from sludge buildup, and is made in the USA for dependable quality that you can trust. The oil is available in 0W20, 5W20, and 5W30 viscosities, in both quarts and gallons. Whether you're driving in blistering heat or freezing cold, you can trust the all-weather protection of K&N premium synthetic oil.

K&N motor oil and oil filter


Helps keep your engine running like new.


Formulated with unique additives to help protect critical engine components.


Advanced formula full synthetic oil is formulated to minimize harmful contaminants and sludge buildup.


K&N® advanced full synthetic motor oil helps your car run smoothly in both cold & hot temperature conditions.


K&N® advanced synthetic motor oil is lab tested to ensure the quality and performance meets rigorous OEM standards.


Dependable quality and performance.

Check out this video for a quick overview:

What is synthetic motor oil?

Synthetic motor oils are artificially engineered lubricants, which are made of base oils which are more refined than conventional oils (which are often petroleum based). Synthetic oils are more chemically stable and, unlike conventional oils, don’t change viscosity over time. For that reason, synthetic oils will often allow you to go longer between oil changes.

When should you change synthetic oil?

You should always follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for oil changes for your specific vehicle, but synthetic oils will typically allow you to go longer between changes than conventional oils (typically 10,000-20,000 miles, and dependent on driving conditions and habits).

0W20 motor oil

What is engine oil, and why do you need a good oil filter?

Your engine has many moving parts, and engine oil ensures that those parts operate smoothly without generating friction or excess heat. The oil lubricates those moving parts and absorbs heat, allowing your engine components to work together effectively. Your oil filter helps preserve the life of your oil and in turn your engine by reducing the build-up of contaminants and microscopic metal particles. 

Clean, consistent oil flow is invaluable in a car or truck, and especially important in a motorcycle or dirt bike which uses a fraction of the oil of a larger vehicle. On a sport or dirt bike, your engine oil may also be your transmission oil which can catch debris from the clutch. In these cases, oil filtration is that much more vital to the health of your engine.


We Think Our Oil Filters Are the Best On the Market: Here’s Why

  1. Premium filtration. K&N offers a thick layer of pleated synthetic-blend filtration. The many pleats provide increased surface area, allowing the K&N filter to capture dirt and allow clean oil through for longer intervals before getting clogged or starving your engine of pressure.

  2. Heavy-duty canister. K&N protects the oil filter with a thick-gage steel canister, base plate, and double-rolled seal for outstanding durability and long-life performance. This thick steel provides the burst-strength you need should pressure build up and protects your filter from being punctured by road debris –especially important on a motorcycle, dirt bike, or off-road ATV.

  3. Heavy-duty components. K&N considers durability and wear in each component of your oil filter. Unlike the cardboard filter caps of a stock filter, K&N protects its premium filter with sturdy metal caps. Thick metal springs help maintain pressure within the canister while enduring hot oil temperatures with ease. The anti-drainback valve is a durable, temperature-resistant silicone, unlike stock components which are often made of plastic or other lower quality materials. Together, they’re built to withstand continuous wear and temperature fluctuations to ensure the long-term health of your engine.

  4. Wrench-Off® design. Changing your oil filter is a fairly easy at-home DIY and a favorite first project for novice mechanics. K&N makes this routine maintenance even easier with a built-in, one-inch nut that lets you easily remove the canister with a standard wrench instead of having to deal with clumsy specialty filter wrenches. 

  5. Packaged for safe use from day one. Unlike many stock filters, K&N filters are wrapped in plastic before being sold. This protects your filter from collecting dust and dirt before it ever gets to your engine. With K&N you get a fresh start.

  6. Extensively tested. K&N got its start in desert motorcycle racing and to this day, K&N products are road-tested under extreme, high-intensity conditions. The pleated synthetic filters are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications for efficiency and they have been thoroughly lab tested for efficiency, capacity, and burst strength.

  7. Oil compatible. Premium K&N oil filters are designed to use synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils making them a great choice for nearly any vehicle.

  8. Pre-drilled nut. K&N pre-drills the wrench-off nut with a hole for a safety wire attachment. This ensures your oil filter is securely installed – especially vital on a motorcycle, in racing, or extreme conditions.