International Renault Clio Owners Have Choice of K&N Intake Systems

The Renault Clio lll 2.0 liter engine sport 197 edition made its debut in 2006. It is designed to appeal to drivers looking for a small car with a comfortable interior.

57i Air Induction for Renault Clio III
57i Air Induction for Renault Clio III
The K&N Performance Intake Kit contains a nylon sleeve that is heat resistant and almost impossible to tear. Simply remove the stock sleeve and replace it with the K&N nylon sleeve to connect the K&N air filter to the throttle body.

Air Intake for Renault Clio III
Air Intake for Renault Clio III
The K&N oversized universal chrome top round tapered air filter is positioned away from the engine to prevent hot air from entering the Intake System. Adaptors connect the cold air inlet to the K&N air filter and the sleeve for a custom fit. Also included are zip ties to mount the cold air inlet tube and stainless steel clamps that connect the system.

K&N has also developed a Cold Air Induction System (57A-6032) for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 models. It is designed with the Apollo, a specially designed K&N Air Filter and enclosure.

The K&N Apollo bolts onto the Renault's sleeve which mounts directly onto the throttle body. There are stainless steel clamps to mount the sleeve onto the Apollo. Zip ties are included and mount onto the cold air intake tube for a secure fit.

All K&N Cold Air Intake Systems contain multi-lingual installation instructions.

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