For 30 Years Bob Wirth R&D Services has been Adding Performance to Engines

Bob Wirth R&D Services is an engine development shop in Hayward, California. The company builds engines for midgets, motorcycles, road racing and circle track racing. Bob has even put together engines for lumberjack chain saw competitions.

Engine Dyno at Bob Wirth R&D Services
Engine Dyno at Bob Wirth R&D Services
Bob builds up engine performance. When Bob puts an engine on the company dynamometer we try to duplicate field circumstances, said Bob’s wife Lois Crayder. “We help our customers with the performance they want to see on the race track,” said Lois. “We also use K&N Engineering’s air filters for testing. K&N filters increase the ability of an engine to breathe which can increase power.”

Bob’s shop has been in business for 30 years and values its scientific approach but down to earth values. “Our customers find us through the racetracks or word of mouth,” said Lois. “Our job is to make more efficient, more powerful and reliable engines. We use 4 to 5 of K&N filters depending on the environment and the engine. We want to be at the front of the race.”

K&N Engineering in Riverside, California has been in business for more than 35 years. In addition to our washable/reusable High Flow Air Filters, K&N offers four lines of High Flow Intake Kits that provide guaranteed horsepower. K&N also started a revolution with Fuel Injection Performance Kits and AirCharger Kits which allow a smooth flow of air from the company’s famous washable and reusable air filter. K&N Air Filters and Intake Kits are backed by the famous K&N million Mile Limited Warranty.

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