2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion 2.0L Turbo Gains Horsepower with K&N Air Intake System

K&N Air Intake under the hood of a Ford Fusion Turbo

K&N Air Intake under the hood of a Ford Fusion Turbo

Just five years ago, the aftermarket industry for interior electronics and technology in automobiles still had a leg up on factory stereo and connectivity technology. Just five years ago, Ford was an afterthought to Japanese and European manufacturers. Well... that was five years ago. Times have changed, and Ford is thriving with new and exciting models full of refinement, technology, power, and fuel economy. The fully redesigned 2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion are prime examples of the changing times, boasting powerful and fuel efficient engines wrapped in Aston Martin-esque styling, and showing owners what it truly means to have technology and connectivity in the cabin. With 240 horsepower, 270 pound feet of torque, and 33 miles per gallon highway from the 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine, performance is alive and well with the new Fusion. Owners of these impressive vehicles can get a guaranteed increase in horsepower and torque above what the factory delivers with a K&N 63-2585 Aircharger performance air intake system.

K&N Air Intake System for 2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion Turbo

K&N Air Intake System for 2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion Turbo

The 63-2585 air intake is expert-engineered for the 2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion with the 2.0 liter turbocharged motor. The backbone of this system is the high-density polyethylene intake tube. It's design helps to minimize restriction and streamline airflow into the engine while providing a more subtle factory aesthetic under the hood. The 63-2585 performance air intake is equipped with a K&N RC-1637 oversized conical air filter to provide excellent filtration efficiency and engine protection. The filter utilizes K&N's oiled cotton gauze air filter media so the filter doesn't just perform well - it's also washable, reusable and can go for up to 100,000 miles between cleanings, depending on driving conditions. The air filter is also shrouded by a heat shield, helping to protect incoming air from radiant heat under the hood.

Dyno Chart for K&N 2013 & 2014 Ford Fusion Turbo Air Intake 63-2585

Dyno Chart for K&N 2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion Turbo Air Intake 63-2585

K&N is the world leader in performance air intake systems and that reputation is built on many factors, one of which being horsepower and torque gains. On the dyno, the 63-2585 air intake system produced an estimated gain of 10 horsepower at 5,185 rpm and 9.6 pound-feet of torque at 4306 rpm over the stock air intake system. Those are substantial gains that will help your engine breathe easier and make horsepower more efficiently.

Performance air intake 63-2585 comes with step-by-step instructions and can be installed in about 90 minutes or less with basic hand tools. This system is also backed by K&N's famous Million Mile Limited Warranty so owners can rest assured that their purchase is covered for the life of their vehicle.

The Ford Fusion has helped Ford stand out from the crowd in the sedan segment with some very heavy hitters. It doesn't look like things are going back to how they once were anytime soon. So what makes one Fusion owner stand out from other Fusion owners? What takes the Ford Fusion to the next level? Installing a K&N 63-2585 Aircharger performance air intake system.

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