2013 to 2016 Ford Escape Owners Save Time and Money with K&N Reusable Air Filter Upgrade

K&N 33-5002 air filter box
K&N 33-5002 air filter box
The Ford Escape has been an industry favorite in the compact SUV market for some time now and the 2013 and 2014 model years continue that trend. With respectable fuel economy, cutting-edge technology add-ons like Ford's Sync system in the cabin, and a higher ride height than most sedans for a better view of the road, it's clear why so many buyers have chosen the Escape. Now, owners of 2013 and 2014 Ford Escape models with 2.5 liter engines can save time, money and have an increase in performance with the K&N 33-5002 drop-in replacement air filter.
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Ford Escape
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Ford Escape

The 33-5002 air filter is precision-engineered to be a direct fit in the factory air box. It's as easy to install as the factory disposable air filter. The filter is manufactured to high standards, utilizing a urethane lip to provide a durable, positive seal. The filter media is made from a pleated, oiled cotton gauze which helps to minimize restriction without sacrificing essential air filtration efficiency or engine protection. The pleated design also means the filter has a large surface area for collecting dirt, giving it a high dirt capacity.
Flow Chart for K&N Ford Escape Air Filter 33-5002
Flow Chart for K&N Ford Escape Air Filter 33-5002

K&N first started making air filters in 1969 to increase power while providing outstanding engine protection. Howeever, another welcome benefit of the cotton gauze filter design, and one that will appeal to everyone, is that it's washable and reusable so it never needs to be replaced. This means purchasing the 33-5002 air filter can help save money on maintenance costs. The filter can even go for up to 50,000 miles between cleanings, depending on driving conditions.

K&N backs the 33-5002 air filter with its famous Million Mile Limited Warranty, assuring owners that their filter is protected for the life of their vehicle and then some. Save time and save money with the 33-5002 air filter - it just makes sense. Buy yours today and it will be the last air filter you ever buy for your Escape!

By simply swapping your factory disposable air filter for the K&N 33-5002, Ford Escape models listed below can receive a lifetime of performance and engine protection.

The K&N 33-5002 performance air filter fist the following Ford Escape models:
2016 Ford Escape 2.5L
2015 Ford Transit Connect 2.5L
2015 Ford Escape 2.5L
2014 Ford Transit Connect 2.5L
2014 Ford Escape 2.5L
2013 Ford Escape 2.5L

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