2012 to 2016 BMW C600 Sport & C650GT Maxi-Scooters Get Performance with K&N Air Filter

K&N Air Filter under the hood of BMW C600 & C650GT (top view)
K&N Air Filter under the hood of BMW C600 & C650GT (top view)
Once upon a time motorcycles used to eat scooters, simply for being scooters, and for getting in the way. However circumstances have changed, and so have scooters, they're no longer the screechy 49 cc unit you once rented during your vacation in Bermuda. These days they have defined their own classification as "Urban Mobility Vehicles." Sitting at the head of that class is the BMW "Concept C" maxi-scooter platform, which was introduced at the 2010 EICMA Show in Milan. Already a big winner overseas, the BMW C600 Sport and C650GT are now positioned to take a bite out of the U.S market.
K&N Replacement Air Filter for BMW C600 & C650GT (bottom view with grease)
K&N Replacement Air Filter BM-6012 for BMW C600 & C650GT (bottom view with grease)

"Scooters are very practical animals." Hans Blesse, VP BMW Motorrad USA is quoted as saying. "They live outside, they don't get washed or a lot of love. They're utility vehicles. So, the target audience is different than motorcycles."

Yes, and despite their swollen proportions and power output, these babies are nonetheless true scooters by definition, featuring step-through design, integrated floorboards, plenty of built-in storage space, and a centrifugal clutch with CVT transmission, to create a classy German twist-and-go that earns respect wherever it rolls.
Flow Chart for K&N BMW C600 & C650GT Air Filter BM-6012
Flow Chart for K&N BMW C600 & C650GT Air Filter BM-6012

The C600 Sport is the more aggressively styled version, while the C650 GT offers a few additional long distance riding comfort features, such as a taller, electronically adjustable windscreen, larger seat with rider's backrest, and overall roomier ergonomics.

Both versions though share the same 647cc inline-twin 4-stroke engine that generates an impressive 60-horsepower and 49 lb-ft. of torque. Yet another commonality the Sport and GT share, is that they can both add a little more scoot to their urban mobility by simply "up-specing" to a new K&N BM-6012 high-flow, reusable air filter, resulting in perceptible increases in both horsepower and torque. The active word being "simple," because the K&N BM-6012 high performance air filter is smartly designed to slide directly into the OE air filter assembly, without the need for any kind of modifications.

The specially pleated material on the BM-6012 air filter provides a large filtration area that continues to provide outstanding filtration for longer service intervals. Depending on your scooting environment, servicing intervals can go up to 50,000 miles before maintenance is necessary. When cleaning is called for, that too is as effortless as following the four easy steps on a K&N Recharger Kit (part no. 99-5050).

This will be the only air filter you'll ever need to buy for your BMW C600 Sport or C650GT - you have K&N's renowned Million Mile Limited Warranty backing that claim.

K&N BM-6012 fits the following:
2016 BMW C650GT 647
2016 BMW C650 SPORT 647
2015 BMW C650GT 647
2015 BMW C600 SPORT 647
2014 BMW C650GT 647
2014 BMW C600 SPORT 647
2013 BMW C650GT 647
2013 BMW C600 SPORT 647
2012 BMW C650GT 647
2012 BMW C600 SPORT 647

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