2010-2016 Polaris Ranger RZR 170’s Can Improve Performance with K&N Air Filter

K&N Air Filter for the POLARIS Ranger RZR 170 Side by Side
K&N Air Filter for the POLARIS Ranger RZR 170 Side by Side
Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. Sure riding along with dad in his side-by-side is more fun than an amusement park ride, but they recognize when they're getting the short end of the stick, because riding is never as exciting as driving. Combine the best-selling youth ATV with the hottest side-by-side on the market and you get the Polaris Ranger RZR 170.
Polaris Ranger RZR 170 Replacement K&N Air Filter
Polaris Ranger RZR 170 Replacement K&N Air Filter

No one is suggesting you set kids loose on an 88 hp rocket before they're ready, but the Polaris Ranger RZR 170 is exactly the place where they get prepared. Designed for young riders age 12 and older, Polaris has taken every measure to assure that a young rider's first solo motorsport experience is a confidence building journey. With the purchase of a Polaris Ranger RZR 170 you'll get features like a parent-adjustable speed limiter, color-coded pedals (brake pedal is red), two helmets, a Polaris Rider-Training Instructional DVD, and host of other safety features.

The youth Ranger RZR 170 has a four-stroke, air-cooled,cc engine with electric start and an automatic transmission with reverse. Styled after its adult counterpart, the side-by-side has a sporty, aggressive look and carries the driver and passenger comfortably. Although the Polaris Ranger RZR 170 puts out ample beginner power, by merely upgrading to a K&N PL-1710 reusable air filter, you can instantly experience the benefits of the performance air filter designed to increase both horsepower and torque. Following the same straightforward procedure used for replacing the OE filter, you will also receive excellent air filtration and engine protection when you upgrade to a K&N.

The K&N PL-1710 performance air filter is designed to collect a large amount of dirt yet still allow high air flow and a long service life. Cleaning your K&N air filter is an easy task as well with a K&N Recharger Filter Care Service Kit. The K&N ATV air filter cleaner and filter oil, in the kit, will service the PL-1710 so it continues to perform like new. In addition, this air filter is backed by K&N's One Year Limited Warranty.

The K&N PL-1710 will fit the following Polaris Ranger RZR models:
2016 Polaris RZR 170
2015 Polaris RZR 170
2014 Polaris RZR 170
2013 Polaris Ranger RZR 170
2012 Polaris Ranger RZR 170
2011 Polaris Ranger RZR 170
2010 Polaris Ranger RZR 170

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