2009-2016 Yamaha XT250 Improves Overall Performance with K&N Air Filter

K&N Replacement Air Filter for Yamaha XT250
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Yamaha XT250
Many motorcycles tag themselves dual-purpose or dual-sport, but most of those are really only comfortable as a single purpose. A bike that truly feels at home, on and off-road, with the same degree of confidence is rare. The versatile Yamaha XT250 is that exception, and the dual sport character of the XT250 has earned it legions of fans since its introduction in 2009, because it's equally at adept on the road or open trail.
K&N Replacement Air Filter Side for the Yamaha XT250
K&N Replacement Air Filter Side for the Yamaha XT250

Some of the bikes off-road features include a long-travel suspension that provides more than 11.2 inches of ground clearance and a seat that's only 31.9 inches up from the ground. For 2013 the engine remains essentially unchanged from last year's model, a 249cc air-cooled SOHC engine paired with a five-speed transmission.

One of the most significant changes for the 2013 XT's is a fuel injection system which replaces the earlier model's 33mm Teikei carburetor. There's also a slightly larger gas tank (2.6 vs. 2.4 gallons on the 2012 model). Yamaha claims that thanks to the new fuel injection system the XT now offers better fuel economy.

Regardless whether you ride on paved or dirt roads, your Yamaha XT250 deserves an overall boost in performance along with exceptional engine protection, and the new K&N YA-2509 air filter delivers on both. By simply upgrading the existing air filter with a K&N YA-2509 high flow air filter, you can gain performance while insuring that your engine receives outstanding protection. The best part is it's easy. The YA-2509 reusable air filter is designed to fit directly into the OE filter box, without the need for any modifications.

If your daily commute is across town, servicing intervals can go up to 50,000 miles before maintenance is necessary. When used in dusty or off-road environments, our filters will require cleaning more often. Once the screen of the motorcycle air filter is no longer visible and cleaning is finally needed, it's as easy as following the four simple steps on a K&N Recharger Kit.

This K&N air filter for Yamaha XT250 motorcycles will allow your bike to take in air with little restriction allowing it to run at it's best.

K&N YA-2509 fits the following Yamaha models:
2016 YAMAHA XT250 250
2015 YAMAHA XT250 250
2014 YAMAHA XT250 250
2013 YAMAHA XT250 250
2012 YAMAHA XT250 250
2011 YAMAHA XT250 250
2010 YAMAHA XT250 250
2009 YAMAHA XT250 250
2008 YAMAHA XT250X 250
2008 YAMAHA XT250 250

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