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2007 to 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser Gets Power Boost with K&N Peformance Air Intake System

The 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser was designed to look similar to Toyota's 1960s Land Cruisers. The midsize SUV seats five, has two main doors and two rear-hinged access doors.

Air Intake for Toyota FJ Cruiser
Air Intake for Toyota FJ Cruiser

77-9030KP Installed
77-9030KP Installed in FJ Cruiser
K&N Engineering has developed a 77 Series High-Flow Air Intake System (77-9030KP) with a bright finish for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser V6 4.0 liter engine. K&N dynamometer tests show a horsepower gain of 8.17 @ 4785 rpm.

Power Gain Chart for Toyotya FJ Cruiser with K&N Air Intake
Power Gain Chart for Toyotya FJ Cruiser with K&N Air Intake
"The factory air box is mounted to the intake manifold," said K&N Performance Kit Manager Bert Heck. "We gained horsepower by removing the factory intake system and replacing it with our smoother, less restrictive air intake. We also put in an oversized cone shaped K&N Air Filter (RF-1048) which allows for more dirt retention before cleaning is required. This is great for weekend warriors who love to go on the dirty and dusty back roads. The heat shield on 77-9030KP is secured using existing mounting points near the power steering reservoir and on the inner fender. "

The K&N Air Intake System is free-flowing which results in more power. "The mass air sensor is installed in the K&N Intake tube with the provided hardware," said Heck. "The placement of the mass air sensor was an important part of gaining horsepower on this kit."

The factory engine cover fits in its original location once the K&N Intake System is in place. It takes less than 90 minutes to install most K&N air intakes with common tools. K&N air intakes come with the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty.

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