1988 - 2016 Yamaha XV250 Motorcycles Increase Performance with K&N Air Filter Upgrade

Side view of the K&N Air Filter for the Yamaha XV250
Side view of the K&N Air Filter for the Yamaha XV250
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. For the past 26 years the Yamaha Route 66/Virago/V Star 250 platform has confirmed the soundness of that philosophy. This downsized Yamacruiser has never appeared on anyone's Top-ten list, yet the fact that nearly every engine part has remained virtually unchanged over its lifetime, speaks volumes about mechanical resiliency.
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Yamaha XV250 Route 66, Virago & V-Star
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Yamaha XV250 Route 66, Virago & V-Star

Originally labeled the Route 66 from 1988-90, the bike returned to the Yamaha lineup as the Virago 250 in 1991. In 2008, it was renamed once again as the XV250 V-Star. The pleasantly detailed and accurately scaled-down cruiser remains a popular choice for beginning, and vertically challenged riders, because its low seat (27 inches) and light weight (324 pounds) make it virtually effortless for anyone to manage.

The 249cc, 60-degree V-Twin engine delivers enough power to comfortably run with traffic, while providing the classic, big-bike sounds that only a V-Twin can deliver. And now by merely upgrading the existing air filter with a K&N YA-2588 reusable air filter, you can add additional instant giddy-up to your Yamaha XV250.
Flow Chart for K&N Yamaha XV250 Air Filter YA-2588
Flow Chart for K&N Yamaha XV250 Air Filter YA-2588

Increasing horsepower and torque is as easy removing the washer and wing nut from the stock air filter and dropping in the K&N YA-2588 high-flow, high-performance air filter into the air box (simply follow the air filter replacement instructions in your service manual). That's all there is to it, no cutting or modifications of any kind are required.

In addition, the uniquely pleated material on the K&N YA-2588 air filter provides a large filtration area that continues to provide outstanding filtration for extended service intervals. Depending on your riding conditions, servicing intervals can go up to 50,000 miles before maintenance is necessary. When cleaning is called for, it's as straightforward as following the four easy steps on a K&N Recharger Kit, part number 99-5050. This will be the only air filter you'll ever need to buy for your Yamaha XV250 - K&N backs that promise with their renowned Million Mile Limited Warranty.

K&N YA-2588 fits the following Yamaha models:
2016 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2015 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2014 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2013 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2012 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2011 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2010 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2009 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2008 YAMAHA XV250 V-STAR 250
2007 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
2006 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
2005 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
2004 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
2003 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
2002 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
2001 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
2000 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1999 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1998 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1997 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1996 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1995 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1994 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1993 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1992 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1991 YAMAHA XV250 VIRAGO 250
1990 YAMAHA XV250 ROUTE 66 250
1989 YAMAHA XV250 ROUTE 66 250
1988 YAMAHA XV250 ROUTE 66 250

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