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With Additional Categories, K&N Engineering Now Posts More Than $317,500 in NHRA Contingency

RIVERSIDE, CA - With the rising costs of many forms of racing, contingency awards are often a necessity for competitive racers.

K&N recently announced its 2005 NHRA contingency program and a new posting for the use of K&N Performance Air Intake Systems. The Program now boasts in excess of $317,500 in contingency funds available to racers who post top two finishes while using K&N products and display appropriate K&N decals. Part of K&N's 2005 program includes new payouts for Pro Stock Motorcycle racers running K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters. In addition to Air and Oil Filters, contingency awards have been added for Sportsman Class racers and Pro Stock racers who use K&N Performance Air Intake Systems on their racecar or support vehicle and display K&N Intake System decals on their racecar at NHRA National and Divisional Events.

K&N posts at National and Divisional Events for the following classes: Stock, Super Stock, Super Gas, Super Street, Comp, Super Comp, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle. K&N Engineering is the Official Air Filter, Oil Filter and Air Intake System for the NHRA Sport Compact Racing Series and posts contingency payouts for all of the sport compact series classes.

"Having raced in NHRA Sportsman competition for years I know how much contingency can help a racer's budget," commented Steve Williams, K&N's Executive Vice President of R&D. Williams races in NHRA Super Comp and Super Gas competition and has two National Event wins to his list of credits. "From a company perspective, K&N has supported racers from day one. Our best products have been made better from what we've learned at the track. From a marketing aspect, contingency is an important component of K&N's overall program. As an employee for K&N and as a racer I'm proud that we are able to offer such a high level of support - not just for the pro categories, most of our payouts go to sportsman racers."

Racers wishing to claim all three K&N contingency payouts must be running K&N Air Filters and Performance Gold Oil Filters on their race vehicle; and a K&N Performance Air Intake System on their racecar or support/tow vehicle. Appropriate K&N decal(s) must be displayed on both sides of the race vehicle during competition to be eligible for the program (contingency payouts are subject to verification and require specific decals for each category). Racers using K&N Intake Systems with supplied K&N Air Filter and both decals qualify for both payouts. Approved K&N contingency decals are available at the K&N product trailer, which can be found on the midway at most NHRA National events or by calling K&N's Customer Service Department at 1-800-858-3333.


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