Warnert Racing Team Unstoppable at WPSA Powersports Tour and Can-Am Outlander Series

Warnert Racing Riders roared to Round 9 of the WPSA Powersports Tour at the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Facility in New Jersey.

Scott Kilby at New JerseyScott Kilby at New Jersey
Clifton Beasley at Pennsylvania
Clifton Beasley at Pennsylvania
Warnert Teammates Chris Borich and Chris Bithell are dominating racers. The three proved it once again as conditions deteriorated on one of the muddiest rock infested thirteen mile courses in this series.
Warnert Racing Podium FinishWarnert Racing Podium Finish
Chris Borich at New Jersey
Chris Borich at New Jersey

During the main event, serious rain moved in. Track conditions were so bad several riders were stuck in the mud and abandoned their machines. Borich plowed forward with a 31 second lead on his Can-Am Outlander with K&N Engineering Air Filters. Warnert Racing’s Scott Kilby was stuck in the log section, but broke free and charged back to the front of the pack.

At the checkered flag, Borich took his 6th win of the series and Kilby secured second in their quest to secure the Quad Terrain Championship. Bithell and Borich have both secured top 10 positions in the final.

Borich, Bithell and Kilby bring years of Cross County Racing experience to Warnert Racing. “The conditions were tough, but we pulled through,” said Levi Michel, Warnert Race Manager. “Our team started with K&N on snowmobiles almost ten years ago. We began racing ATVs last year and K&N is excellent. We notice greater throttle response with K&N Air Filters. We also like having a filter that we can clean. The dirt is so extreme, sometimes we can’t even see the K&N Filter, but our engines are still running.”

Round 9 of the GNCC Series was held in Somerset Pennsylvania. It was another successful event for Warnert Racing as Michael Swift (4X4 Limited) secured his first career overall win by edging out teammates Scott Kilby (4X4 Open) and Clifton Beasley (4X4 Lites). Warnert Racing Swept the podium in the 4X4 classes

“Warnert Racing was equipped to do battle on a course with rolling hills, open meadows and bottom lands choked with ATV eating rocks,” said Michel. “The guys managed to secured three championships; the Utility Unlimited, Utility Lights and Utility Mod.”

The final round of the WPSA Powersports Tour will be held on September 15-16 at the Field of Dreams Raceway in Boswell, Pennsylvania.

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