USAC Pavement Sprint Car Win at Altamont Raceway Park for Ryan Kaplan

K&N sponsored Ryan Kaplan raced his USAC pavement sprint car at Altamont Raceway Park in Tracey, California right into first place.

Ryan Kaplan's USAC pavement sprint car, photo courtesy of Brian Daniels
Ryan Kaplan's USAC pavement sprint car, photo courtesy of Brian Daniels
Kaplan entered the race with a nine-point lead in the Championship Standings and was fast right out of the gate. “We began practice around noon on Saturday,” said Kaplan. “With the car handling well we were able to fine-tune for qualifying. I ended up at 4th and that was good because it put me in the inversion for the main event.”
Ryan Kaplan wins at Altamont Raceway Ryan Kaplan wins at Altamont Raceway

Kaplan started the heat race on the outside of the third row. He jumped into third but had to let out of the gas because the car directly in front of him began to go sideways. “When this happened it caused a car to get under me,” said Kaplan. “The driver on the outside did not give me any room and started to turn down in the middle of the corner. This forced me to jump his left rear tire because there was no where to go. My car went up into the air and bent my front end when I landed.”

Within 15 minutes Kaplan’s pit crew replaced his bent front end. The mishap did not affect his starting spot in the main event.

At the start of the main, Kaplan worked around a few cars and started running the line. He was running in fourth place and right on the bumpers of the lead pack. At lap 25, the third place car hit the second place car. “That moved me up to third place,” said Kaplan. “I was faster than the leaders but it was hard to pass. With five laps to go I went right to the top and was running even with the leader. I made a pass and stretched my lead all the way to the checkered flag.”

Kaplan only uses K&N Engineering products. “I want to thank K&N for sponsoring me,” he said. “I really notice a difference in performance with the K&N products. I get more power and I don’t have to worry about debris on the track.”

Kaplan’s next race will be at Silver Dollar Speedway, then Hanford Speedway to run the BCRA midget race.

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