UROC Rockcross Championship at Off-Road Expo Another Big Win for Team Lovell

The Lovell Rock Racing Team picked up a big win at the UROC Rockcross in Pomona, California. Brad Lovell beat all the odds at the Off-Road Expo only one week after claiming the XRRA (Xtreme Rock Racing) National Championship.

Fight to the finish for Team LovellFight to the finish for Team Lovell
Team Lovell battles for the championship
Team Lovell battles for the championship
Lovell teamed up with co-driver Mike Foster for the UROC race. “Mike has a lot of history in off-road racing,” said Lovell. “That history is helping us go faster on the track.”
Team Lovell in race two at Pomona Team Lovell in race two at Pomona, California
Team Lovell uses K&N Engineering Products
Team Lovell uses K&N Engineering Products

The pair could not out run bad luck on the first day of racing. During practice the team blew a transmission gasket that they could not repair. To make the day worse, they had a hydraulic failure in the steering system during the qualifying session.

“I didn’t think we were going to make it,” said Lovell. “We felt like we couldn’t keep the truck together. We qualified in second place but we were losing our confidence.”

The Ranger was bleeding transmission fluid and Team Lovell lined up for their first heat race. They tangled with another vehicle and destroyed the steering ram. To make matters worse their long time rival Dean Bulloch won. Lovell and Foster returned to the pit to make repairs for the last-chance race on Sunday morning.

The first last-chance race was against RJ Brown’s 600 hp Toyota. Lovell’s FABTECH Ranger with K&N Engineering products was only a nose behind but first over the rocks. “Sunday was a brand new day for us,” said Lovell. “We won.”

Next up was a race against Jimmy Maybe, the Rockcross number one winner. “Brad was sweating this one,” said Foster. “We both knew Jimmy was fast and if we lost we were done. Both trucks were quick off the line but Lovell took the lead on the rocks and it was off to the finals.”

The finals were unique. Lovell rival Dean Bulloch had not lost a race and had to be beaten twice in order for them to win. When the green flag dropped, Bulloch took a big lead. Lovell and Foster rounded the sweeping bend and found Bulloch slowing to climb a rock face. “We put some pressure on him and he made a bad choice,” said Lovell. “Dean’s truck pushed off the rock and he rolled.” Team Lovell went on to win and had another chance to go for the overall win.

“We have gone against Dean Bulloch for about four years now and he is one of the best,” said Lovell. “I knew he would not make the same mistake again.” The green flag dropped the FABTECH Ranger with K&N Engineering products roared off the line. The trucks raced side by side over the rock and into the dust. The track narrowed and the two rivals came together. Bulloch’s wheel pushed under the Ranger causing a roll. “I felt it lift and instantly knew that nothing else matter except keeping it on the wheels,” said Lovell as he veered to the right to recover and gave the line to Bulloch. “When I came back in the groove, I noticed a good line through the rocks and was able to cut in front of Dean.”

Team Lovell took the lead and both trucks were fast through the next four laps. Lovell and Foster held off every charge and took home the victory.

Team Lovell’s next stop will be the Off-Road Proving Grounds at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 30 through November 2.

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