Terry Borcheller, a K&N User Since Age 5, Ready for Grand-Am Racing Season

At 5-years-old race car driver Terry Borcheller knew he had to have two things, a cool K&N sticker on his first motorcycle and a K&N filter. At 12, one of K&N’s youngest customers was using our filters on his go karts.
Race Car Driver Terry Borcheller
Race Car Driver Terry Borcheller

At 39-years-old the Gainesville, Georgia resident has 6 professional Series Drivers Championships, winning 2 races on a single weekend 8 times. Terry also has 57 Professional Race wins in 7 series at 20 tracks. “K&N products have always been part of my racing life.”

Terry started his 2006 season with Brian Nott’s new Blackforest Racing Ford Mustang in the Grand-Am Cup series at Daytona. At the start of the race Forest Barber and Terry were 34th on the 49-car class grid, when the race ended they came in sixth, only 17 seconds away from the win.

“I run the stock K&N air filter with the Ford Mustang,” said Terry. “Anytime I use a K&N filter I gain performance and fuel economy.

Terry and co-driver Harrison Brix finished fifth in the Rolex Sports Car Series race in Mexico at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Terry was only 90 1/2 seconds out of fourth place.

Terry Borcheller at Grand Prix of Mosport 2005
Terry Borcheller at Grand Prix of Mosport 2005
There are a lot of elements to winning, Terry said. “You have to have the right team and the right motor.”

Terry raced Le Mans in 2002. “Picture your worst day at work then intensify it, picture having to focus all the time for 24 hours, picture working from daylight to darkness and feeling every type of emotion and that’s Le Mans,” said Terry. “A split second mistake or some oil on a track could mean the loss of a car worth ¾ of a million dollars. It’s easy to go from employed to unemployed or from a hero to zero in thousandths of a second, but the intensity is awesome.”

During a 24 hour endurance race we need to make sure we have the cleanest path to the motor, said Terry. “The team owners and the engine builders tell me K&N filters do the job.”

Terry compared racing to a chess match and said he likes the strategy of trying to come out first at the end.

“I’m happy to have K&N’s support, I’ve used the filters since I was a kid,” said Terry. “The company is very easy to represent, K&N makes great products.”

Follow Terry's progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site.  Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer inear you.


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