Renezeder Sweeps CORR Lucas Oil Championship Off Road Racing Series in Chula Vista, CA

The first half of the 2006 season in the CORR Lucas Oil Championship Off Road Racing Series ended in Chula Vista, California with excitement and controversy.

An off-camber hairpin turn on a new track layout was the cause of many problems. Trucks were forced to slow down to nearly a stop in order to maneuver. Fans loved the close racing and lots of contact. Carl Renezeder Swept the Pro-2 Division and won one in Pro-4.
Team Renezeder Pro-4
Team Renezeder Pro -4

“Carl won rounds 7 and 8 by more than a straight-away Saturday and Sunday in triple digit temperatures against a full field of talent and great equipment,” said Jennifer Bissett of Team Renezeder. “But one of the best races of the season took place on Sunday.”

The Laguna Beach, Calfornia racer was flagged for aggressive driving, but he left the pits in time to fall back into the race. During the last few laps Adrian Cenni, Scott Douglas, Rick Huseman and Carl Renezeder were in a tight race for the lead. In the final lap, Renezeder made a controversial move by passing Scott Douglas, giving Adrian Cenni the opportunity to also pass Douglas.

The Race Review Board reviewed the pass and allowed Renezeder to keep his first place win. “He was also penalized by 10 points because of Carl’s side-by-side contact with Scott Douglas earlier in the race,” said Bissett. “Fans loved the close racing and the daring outside/inside move that Carl used in the chicane on the final lap. Cheering definitely outweighed the jeering in the stands.”

“I felt that Douglas missed his line and opened the door for me to capitalize,” said Renezeder after four hours of official deliberation. “There was incidental side-by-side contact, I hit the brakes, dove inside, made the pass, was tagged in the rear and then throttled up through the final corner to win. Hard-fought battles on the track make this sport fun for the drivers and the fans. I’m proud of my guys for the truck they gave me and feel bad for them that there was even an issue.”

Team Renezeder Pro-2
Team Renezeder Pro-2
“Team Renezeder’s new Lucas Oil Nissan Titan is officially on the map as a serious contender,” said Bissett. “Carl uses K&N Engineering products. We’ve been using K&N since Carl started his own team 8 years ago. Carl loves the performance he gets because of K&N and would not use any other filter. In the dust and sweltering heat K&N stops the dirt and debris from getting into the engine. We’ve never had a problem on these trucks anytime or anywhere with K&N Filters.”

The series takes a two week break before revving back up at Bark River, Michigan for rounds 9 and 10 on August 11th and 12th.

Follow Team Renezeder's progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site.  Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.


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