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Podium & Pain: American Superbike Racer Kyle Wyman Reflects on the 2017 Season

Kyle Wyman on the American Superbike Podium

Wyman (left) achieved his first American Superbike podium finish in 2017

Kyle Wyman has proven he can race with the best of the best in the elite MotoAmerica Superbike series. The talented speedster has also had to fight through injuries incurred in scary and spectacular crashes. Charles Dickens wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Wyman likely feels the same way about the 2017 race season.

The ambitious K&N-sponsored racer, who has proven relentless in his pursuit of major sponsorship as well as the podium in the highly-competitive American Superbike race circuit, is garnering the respect of race fans as well as fellow competitors. K&N caught up with Wyman after he spent time at the SEMA trade show networking with potential backers for his 2018 race season.

Here are Wyman's thoughts on the just completed Superbike season and his plans for 2018.

Kyle Wyman racing in the MotoAmerica Superbike class

The KWR team has worked feverishly to put a competitive bike under Wyman

K&N: What do you consider the highlight of the 2017 season?

Kyle Wyman: The highlight of my season was our podium result in race two at New Jersey Motorsports Park. It was my first ever podium in the Superbike category, up against the factory teams. As a private team that I manage and run, it was very rewarding to achieve that result. It's been a very long time since a rider/owner has found the podium in that class.

K&N: What were your biggest obstacles and challenges?

Kyle Wyman racing in the MotoAmerica Superbike class

Wyman catches air as his Yamaha breathes clean air through a K&N filter

KW: My biggest obstacle was overcoming my head injury that I got when I raced overseas at Donington Park in England. I did a one-off race in the European Superstock 1000 series and got a concussion over there. I missed the Road America round of MotoAmerica because of it and I was really bummed out. I had to rebuild my confidence in the middle of the season, regroup and find my way back to the front.

The other obstacle was my crash at the last round at Barber Motorsports Park, where I had a brake failure. I broke my T6 vertebra and bruised ribs and was banged up pretty good.

K&N: How is the crash recovery going?

KW: So far so good. My back and wrist are still sore but they will just take time to heal. I've already been doing some riding on the track instructing, and have spent some solid time on the bicycle. I'm fortunate to have the time to recover in the offseason and I am sure to be back to 100% in a couple weeks.

Kyle Wyman holding his K&N race helmet

K&N looks forward to a continued partnership with the KWR team

K&N: What are you working on for 2018?

KW: Right now I'm spending some time on the road, meeting with sponsors, and working on my plans for next year. I will definitely be staying in the Superbike class, and with our podium finish toward the end of the season, we have high hopes for even better results in 2018. I can't wait to start things back up in March at the pre-season test.

K&N: What else is new in your life?

KW: I moved into a new house two weeks ago, after spending the season on the road. I moved out of a house a week before the 2017 season started and spent the year living out of my race trailer. It feels great to finally be back at a home base and I am hoping to keep this place throughout the 2018 season.

K&N is proud to be a major sponsor of Kyle Wyman and the KWR team.


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