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Orion Air Intake System Allows Filter To Be Located Anywhere In The Intake Tract

The Orion system has sufficient airflow capacity to support a 500+ HP engine

The Orion system features a sizeable 100 mm (3.94 inch) inlet, enough for 500 HP or more

Just as the Orion manned spacecraft that will take man to Mars has superseded the Apollo capsule that took man to the moon, so is the new K&N 54-5000 Orion universal intake system replacing the Apollo closed air intake in the K&N lineup. And there’s more than just a similarity in names; the Orion is a leap forward in technology and capacity, just as the new spaceship is compared the older one.

First and foremost, the 54-5000 Orion system offers twice the intake capacity of the Apollo. This is the result of several factors: the many hours spent by K&N engineers developing Orion’s final shape, as well through the utilization of a larger air filter element almost 50% taller than the one used in the Apollo. With a housing inlet of 100 mm and a filter outlet of 76 mm, the Orion intake system can easily provide sufficient airflow to engines producing 500 BHP or more.

Why might someone choose to install the 54-5000 Orion universal intake system? There are several reasons. One is that while K&N has a wide offering of kits, it doesn’t offer an air intake system for every model of car and truck. With the Orion universal intake system, owners of these vehicles can now enjoy the benefits of improved power and response that a K&N intake system provides.

K&N engineers spent countless hours on the design of Orion to maximize performance

K&N engineers calculated the best possilble airflow for Orion with a 76 mm (2.99 inch) outlet

Another application where the Orion system solves a common problem is under the hood of highly-modified cars, for example one where an aftermarket turbocharger has been added. There may no longer be sufficient space at the front of the car to mount a large conical air filter so instead an intake pipe can be routed from the grille and intake air fed to a remotely-mounted Orion system. An additional benefit of the Orion system is that the air flow is isolated from engine-generated heat, assuring only fresh air reaches the throttle body.

The ability to mount the filter remotely offers advantages to rally and rally-raid competitors, as well. Should teams be concerned about under-hood mounted air filters clogging with mud, dirt, or sand during an event, the air intake can be located inside the cockpit, with an intake tube feeding into the remotely-mounted Orion system. The Orion system can also be incorporated into a snorkel intake.

The larger filter provides for both lower airflow resistance as well as better filtration capacity

The Orion filter is a good deal larger than the Apollo filter, improving both airflow and filtration

In addition to its performance capabilities, the 54-5000 Orion system reduces intake sound. While many enthusiasts enjoy the contribution a K&N intake system adds to the sound of their car or truck, it’s not entirely universal. For someone seeking a more quiet solution to adding power, the Orion system is an excellent choice.

There are times a lower overall sound profile of a vehicle is necessary. There are a growing number of local and national governments that set noise limits for vehicles on the road. The sound level of a vehicle is comprised of the exhaust, tires, gearbox, and intake. The Orion system provides vehicle owners an opportunity to address the intake sound part of the equation separately.

Likewise, there are racetracks with sound limits, and in certain situations an intake can generate enough sound to push a car over the limit. The Orion system can help lower the overall sound level without drastic changes to other systems in the race car.

The housing carries a matte black finish, providing a sophisticated look, and carries a subtle K&N logo, showing everyone you are serious about your performance. One more additional feature over the Apollo is that the Orion can be wrapped in vinyl, using the template provided by K&N. The Orion can then be wrapped in whatever pattern or design the owner prefers.

K&N filters are covered by the company's Million Mile Warranty. See website for details.

The Orion's oiled cotton filter element is covered by K&N's 10-year/Million Mile Limited Warranty

In the base of the Orion housing is an NPT threaded hole which allows for an array of various vent adaptors, which are available separately from K&N, as well as a K&N 85-6000 flexible hose kit, and a K&N 85-6004 mounting bracket kit.

As with other K&N air filters, the Orion’s filter element is washable and reusable, and can be cleaned with K&N 99-5000 filter care service kit at up to 80.000 km service intervals, depending on driving conditions. Plus the included air filter, K&N E-3051, is designed to last for the lifetime of your vehicle, which K&N guarantees with the 10-year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.



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