Offroaders with Honda's CRF450R Get Optimum Performance with K&N Air Filter

In the off-road world Honda's CRF450R was one of the most significant motorcycles introduced in 2002. The 450 engine is very fast and powerful and Honda put an excellent suspension system on the motocrosser with heavier springs and slightly different valving.

K&N Engineering has just released a Replacement Air Filter (HA-4502) that fits the 2002 Honda CRF450R. K&N's MX XStream Air Filter (HA-4502) is pleated and offers a substantial amount of surface area over the typical foam filter, providing longer service intervals and lots of fresh air to keep it breathing strong.
MX XStream-Top Replacement Air Filter for Honda CRF450R
MX XStream-Top Replacement Air Filter for Honda CRF450R

This Replacement Air Filter (HA-4502) was designed with two pieces for easy installation and removal. It comes out of the box pre-oiled and with the top off. It is easy to install the base into the airbox and follow up with the installation of the top for a snug, precise fit in the bike.

K&N also provides a 1 oz. tube of grease to ensure a perfect seal at the top and bottom of the airbox. A machined aluminum spacer allows you to tighten the filter into place, keeping the filter sung without damaging the filter media.
2002 Honda CRF450R
2002 Honda CRF450R
The K&N (HA-4502) is built with an epoxy coated aluminum wire mesh, incorporated into a back-fire screen which protects the filter element, while delivering optimum air-flow.

All of K&N Off-Road Replacement Air Filters are washable and reusable and are covered by our K&N Racing and Off Road Limited Warranty. The 2002 Honda CRF 450 is a green sticker bike, the last of its kind. It is a much wanted choice for off-roaders who want to ride on public lands.

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