NHRA Super Comp Racer Greg Boutte Pushes the Envelope

There are only two races left in the NHRA Pacific Division Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and Greg Boutte is in the top ten.

The Super Comp class racer runs a 2002 Worthy Rear Engine Dragster with a 235 inch wheelbase and a 598 cubic inch motor. At Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California Boutte defeated Alexis Dejoria.

Super Comp Racer Greg Boutte
Super Comp Racer Greg Boutte
“There is a lot of pressure to win,” said Boutte. “It’s so hard to get to the final round, let alone win a race. I was a runner-up at Fallon and in Fontana last year, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to win this year. I pushed the envelope.”

At Bakersfield, Boutte started around 9:30 a.m. with the KD Canopy shoot out. “The race within a race takes the top 4 qualifiers of the first two top time trials and puts them on a true race ladder of the top four,” he said. “I won the KD Canopy shoot out then moved on to 7 more rounds of racing. The final round ended at 10:21 p.m.”

Greg Boutte's 2002 Worthy Rear Engine Dragster
Greg Boutte's 2002 Worthy Rear Engine Dragster
Boutte races against other drivers, the clock and himself. In each category, the NHRA has time indexes based on horsepower and weight of the car. Racers have to get as close to the index as possible without getting there too fast. “I stay in my motor home between races,” said the Stockton, California racer. “I keep an eye on the classes that are running ahead of me to watch and see the trend. At sea level, our class index is 8.9 and I have to stay focused. It’s also important to hydrate and eat well. Racers are athletes and I try to stay in good shape by working out a couple of times a week.”

Boutte has competed in Super Comp for 15 years and competes in about 20 races a year, beginning at Pomona, California in February and ending at Pomona in November. Boutte also won the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Division 7 in Super Comp at Southwestern International Raceway in Arizona in 2003.

“I use K&N Engineering Air and Oil Filters,” said Boutte. “K&N makes excellent products. The dirt stays out of my engines and air flow is consistent going into the carburetor. K&N gives me an edge.”

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