Menzies Motorsports Start the TORC Season on the Right Track with Podium Finishes

Bryce Menzies and Ricky Johnson are geared up and ready to continue their winning tradition in 2012.
Bryce Menzies and Ricky Johnson are geared up and ready to continue their winning tradition in 2012.
The Menzies Motorsports team recently pulled into the Charlotte Motor Speedway fired up and anxious to get the 2012 TORC Short Course Off-Road Racing season underway. After a successful 2011, they had no intentions of letting up and were prepared to compete in rounds one and two of the series.

After experiencing a stellar practice session, Bryce Menzies and Ricky Johnson eagerly awaited the following day, when they would race in the qualifying rounds. Not only did the qualifying races determine where the drivers would start the race, but it was also a great opportunity to stack up a couple of points. The fastest driver in each class would earn two points, and the second fastest would earn one.

Although the fastest driver would receive points, in turn they would be inverted to the third row for the start of the race. Menzies and Johnson were confident that they could still prove to be the team to beat from the third row, and focused on qualifying at the top of the list. That said, both drivers earned their two points in their class and qualified on the pole.

Lining up in the Pro 2 class Bryce Menzies and his Menzies/Red Bull #1 kicked the season off for the team. At the waving of the green flag, the driver showered down on it, wasting no time as he worked his way toward the front of the pack. Coming out of turn two, Bryce had already worked his way from sixth to the third position. Muscling is way into the second spot coming out of turn three, the driver was focused on passing Jeff Kincaid, the only driver standing between him and the first place spot. Calculating every move, Menzies saw and took advantage of the opportunity at the end of turn four to take the lead. The driver then pulled away from the field of drivers and held the first place spot until the mandatory yellow. As the green flag dropped again, Menzie continued to set the pace until a minor mistake with only two laps to go left him in third place, the position that he held until the waving of the checkered flag.

Starting in fourth on the second row on the following night, Bryce Menzies had no intentions of finishing anywhere but in first place. Patiently maneuvering his way through the field, Menzies had managed to work his way to the second position by the half-way caution. When the race was once again deemed underway, the driver pulled away from the remainder of the field and held the lead position until the waving of the checkered flag, earning the top spot on the podium.
Menzies Motorpsorts began setting the standards for their competitors early in the 2012 season.
Menzies Motorpsorts began setting the standards for their competitors early in the 2012 season.

At the events end, Bryce Menzies had not only earned a third place finish and logged his first victory of 2012, but he had also managed to take home two Oakley Bombs, for running the fastest laps of the races. "After racing in Charlotte last year and winning, I knew I was capable of doing the same this year," explained Menzies. "I try not to be over confident. I just remind myself to stay focused, and the confidence can come when the results show." After losing his lead on the first day, the driver was focused on not spinning out again. Referring to his third place finish, Bryce continued, "I lost focus for one second, and it cost me the race."

Ricky Johnson was just as determined to prove that Menzies Motorsports was going to be the team to beat. Lining up in the Pro 4 class, during the last race of Friday night, Johnson started fourth. Stuck in the middle of the pack, the driver's patience was a testimony of his experience, as at the most opportune time he took the lead prior to the mandatory caution. Upon the waving of the green flag, Johnson never looked back and continued to hold the first place spot until the race's end.

Anticipation filled the air on the following night, as fans hoped for the repeat of a "chaotic battle" that took place last season between Johnson and Johnny Greaves. As luck would have it the battle never transpired though, as Greaves' truck malfunctioned and was not able to finish the race.

Johnson almost found himself in the same predicament as did Greaves, when at the halfway point, it was announced over the radio that his left rear tire appeared to be low. During the mandatory caution, the decision was made to continue the race and avoid pulling into the hot pit to change the tire. After the restart, the driver gained a three-second lead. Sure enough, their decision was the right one, as the tire held long enough for him to take the checkered flag.

In the TORC series, Menzies motorsports is a well-known name, as the team has experienced their share of success. When asked what separates them from their competitors, Bryce Menzies said, "Every team strives to win, and every team puts their heart and soul into racing. It all comes down to how everything comes together during the race. We tend to be in the top spot most of the time, and that's where we need to be to separate ourselves from the competition. Off the track though, we all are here racing because we love doing it, and that makes us all the same."

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