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Matt Field is Gaining Ground With New C6 Corvette Chassis

Coming into the 2018 Formula Drift season with a brand-new chassis—a C6 Corvette, rebuilt from scratch—Matt Field and his team are determined to catapult Field to the top of the Formula Drift Pro Series leaderboard.

Matt Field's C6 Corvette

Matt Field's C6 Corvette

Field, a San Jose native, earned his Formula Drift license in 2009. In 2013, he opened a motorsports and fabrication shop—Drift Cave—in Morgan Hill, California, which offers mechanical services, trackside support, and coaching. In 2016, he came in 5th in the Formula Drift Pro Championship, topping the podium in Round 7 and Round 8.

Field has been a consistent, solid competitor, frequently appearing in the top ten across his career. While the 2017 season ended with Field in 17th position, the 2018 season looks particularly bright. The past few events have been promising for Field—at Round 4 in New Jersey, he defeated Jeff Jones in the Top 32, Ryan Tuerck in the Top 16, Forrest Wang in the Great 8, and Justin Pawlak in the Top 4, before coming in 2nd to James Deane in the Black Magic Final.

Matt Field at an event

In 2013, Field opened a motorsports and fabrication shop called Drift Cave

After qualifying third, Field would face Deane again at Round 5 in Monroe—defeating Dean Kearney and Fredric Aasbo before falling to Deane in the Top 4. He continues to be one of the top competitors to watch as he fine-tunes the performance of his C6 Corvette.

Since the first organized drifting event in 1988, competitive drifting has continued to advance through the decades—and the current field of racers is perhaps the most competitive in the sport’s history. Field made the decision before the 2018 season to upgrade from his 1000-horsepower Nissan 240SX S14—and thus far, it appears to have been a wise choice. The new 1050-horsepower C6 Corvette chassis is a well of still-to-be-discovered potential—totally rebuilt at Drift Cave from a flood-damaged 2013 model. The masterfully executed build demonstrates the extensive knowledge of Field and his team, who rely on exceptional engineering and high-quality performance parts to keep them running strong on race day.

Matt Field's C6 Corvette

The C6 Corvette features a custom K&N® performance filter

The C6 Corvette features a custom K&N® performance filter—which utilizes the same technology as K&N® High-Flow Air Filters™, available online for thousands of makes and models at

Field is currently in 7th place in the Pro Series standings. James Deane, Frederic Aasbo, and Piotr Wiecek currently top the leaderboard.

You can see Matt Field compete in Round 6 of Formula Drift in St. Louis, MO., on August 10-11.

Matt Field putting on his helmet

Field is currently in 7th place in the Pro Series standings

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