Limited Titanium Series Motorcycle Equipped with K&N XStream Top High-Flow Air Filter

ECOSSE Moto Works built a custom all-titanium series motorcycle with a custom BRM timepiece for the Robb Report, a magazine about luxury which features big ticket items. The BRM timepiece on this unique motorcycle series is an automatic chronograph with a brushed titanium bezel and a 48mm hexagonal face that reveals the watch's mechanics.
Titanium Series Motorcycle with K&N Air Filter
Titanium Series Motorcycle with K&N Air Filter

Only ten of the $275,000 ultimate street bikes will be available for purchase and all ten will be equipped with an over-sized K&N XStream Top High-Flow Air Filter (RX-4130-1). Besides the titanium chassis, BST carbon fiber wheels, Ohlins gas forks and TTX shock, there is a 2150cc supercharged, inter-cooled electronic fuel injected powerplant engine.

“Everything on this ECOSSE Titanium Series motorcycle has best of class components,” said Wendy Atchinson co-founder of ECOSSE Moto Works. “K&N, in our opinion, is the best.”

It took 11 months to create the first one. “It is very difficult to get titanium and to work with it,” said Atchinson. “Fortunately, we have very skilled welders who are able to purge the oxygen while working with titanium. Everything was done by hand.”

Donald Atchinson is the mechanical engineer and co-founder of ECOSSE Moto Works. “He designs all the motorcycles and I handle the business side,” said Wendy Atchinson. “The titanium bike was his vision and its power to weight ratio is phenomenal. It gets more than 200 horsepower at the rear wheel and more than 210 ft. lbs. of torque. It weighs in at 440 pounds.”

Every motorcycle in the series of ten will have “Titanium Series RR Limited Edition” and the serial number engraved on the handlebar clamp and VIN plate.

The boutique French watchmaker, BRM has incorporated the lines of the ECOSSE into a matching timepiece and both the bike and watch share the same color scheme. The watches will also be engraved with the same serial number as its motorcycle.

Some of the components on the ECOSSE Titanium Series Motorcycle are as follows:

Engine: ECOSSE/Engenuity Racing, Billet aluminum, polished 45-degree American Twin-Cam style V-Twin, Electronic Fuel Injected, Supercharged and Inter-cooled, Hand built, blue-printed and balanced. Dynamically balanced crank for reduced vibration; Re-tuned for high-performance street riding.

Transmission: 6-speed close ratio with final overdrive gear

Primary: Wet chain drive

Fluid handling: Goodridge lines and fittings, ECOSSE 7075 aluminum oil banjo bolts, ECOSSE 2024 aluminum oil banjos

Air filter: K&N XStream Top High-Flow Air Filter (RX-4130-1)

Exhaust: Handcrafted titanium racing exhaust

Mainframe: Titanium
Subframe: Titanium
Swingarm: Titanium

Front suspension: Ohlins FG700 Superbike Gas, fully adjustable with titanium front axle
Rear suspension: Ohlins TTX Racing Shock for ECOSSE, fully adjustable for riding style and seat height

Brakes: ISR custom radial brake system

Rear sprocket: Hardened steel chain ring, aluminum carrier fastened with titanium rivets

Comfort and Control

Front/Rear tire: 120/70 ZR17 dual compound
190/55 ZR17 dual compound

Front brake calipers: Twin 6 piston 108mm radial mounted, machined from solid, integral cooling fins

Handlebars: Elastomeric handlebar mounting for decreased vibration and added comfort.

Seat: high-profile (plush) with gel padding

Throttle: Three adjustable cams for tune-able throttle travel

BRM Timepiece
Automatic chronograph with brushed-titanium bezel
48 mm hexagonal face that reveals the watch’s mechanics
Two-sided band: one black rube with orange stitching and the other black leather

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