K&N XStream Top Air Filter Available for Kawasaki KX 250 & KX125 Dirt Bikes

K&N Engineering manufactures a replacement air filter (KA-1297) for several 1997 through 2008 Kawasaki dirt bike models. See model applications below. It is engineered to fit into the Kawasaki's factory airbox with no modifications.

Air Filter for Kawasaki KX250 and KX125
Air Filter for Kawasaki KX250 and KX125
The K&N XStream Top Filter is popular for racing. The increased filtration area provides more air-flow while the 4 layers of woven premium cotton media allow for excellent filtration. K&N Air Filters for motorcycles offer optimum air flow for added performance.

Place the provided rubber washer against the K&N XStream Top and the provided steel washer on top of the rubber washer during installation. The stock wing bolt goes on top of the K&N washers. A spacer is also included to keep you from over-tightening the wing nut. The included sealing grease goes between the bump seals around the base perimeter of KA-1297 for additional protection.

K&N invented the reusable air filter more than 35 years ago for the powersports market. K&N replacement Air Filters are washable and reusable and ideal for extended use in dirty and dusty off-road riding. All K&N off-road filters are covered by our K&N Racing and Off-Road Limited Warranty.

Applications are as follows:

2008 KAWASAKI KX250 250 - Non-US
2008 KAWASAKI KX125 125 - Non-US
2007 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2007 KAWASAKI KX125 125 - Non-US
2006 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2006 KAWASAKI KX125 125 - Non-US
2005 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2005 KAWASAKI KX125 125
2004 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2004 KAWASAKI KX125 125
2003 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2003 KAWASAKI KX125 125
2002 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2002 KAWASAKI KX125 125
2001 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2000 KAWASAKI KX250 250
2000 KAWASAKI KX125 125
1999 KAWASAKI KX250 250
1999 KAWASAKI KX125 125
1998 KAWASAKI KX250 250
1998 KAWASAKI KX125 125
1997 KAWASAKI KX250 250
1997 KAWASAKI KX125 125

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