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K&N XStream Air Filters Add Airflow for Motocross Motorcycles and Sport ATVs

XStream motocross air filter product view

The XStream line of motocross air filters add intake surface area for amazing airflow

K&N’s XStream filter systems blow the lid off conventional filter technology. Read on to see that that claim is not hyperbole. Both the XStream motocross filter and the XStream Powerlid for sport ATVs take airflow to another level by adding more surface area to your intake.

XStream Motocross Filters

There are times when a customer’s unsolicited review of one of our products speaks volumes. After purchasing, installing, and testing the XStream YA-2506XD filter in his motocrosser, Blake G. of Murrieta, California, told us what he thought.

“I give this product 10 stars out of 5,” Blake said. “The air filters are absolutely amazing. Hands down the best air filter I have ever (used). Such a crisp, accurate power on the bottom end and a stretch of strength on the top end. Never have I once in my life changed a single thing on my bike and got such a great outcome.

XStream motocross air filter installed in a motorcycle

XStream filters offer up power, performance, and easy installation

"I will continue to run K&N oil and air filters in my bike for as long as I can ride. It's so easy to feel the difference in my friend's standard foam air filters. There is just no comparison. And another big perk is the easy installation, I love everything about the filters and I'm blown away that riders still tolerate old fashioned foam filters. It is the best investment you could make.”

So what is so revolutionary about the XStream series of air filters? Let’s take a look. K&N has developed a filter system that replaces what would normally be a solid filter top with an additional open filter surface area. This additional filter cap provides a large surface area that adds significant airflow to the engine.

That added airflow results in the potential for more berm-blasting power, more hole-shot acceleration, and enhanced overall performance. That power does not come at the expense of engine protection. That same large filtration area adds up to a substantial dirt holding capacity. K&N’s oiled, cotton gauze filter media has been proven on racetracks for over 4 decades.

K&N makes XStream series motocross filters for virtually every popular motocross bike. If you ride a Yamaha YZ, the YA-2506XD is your likely performance solution. The part for your Yamaha WR is YA-4503. The YA-2506XD filter works on a number of Suzuki RM applications along with the SU-2596, and the KA-2504. Your Kawasaki KX will love the KA-2506XD, KA-2504, and KA-1297. Honda riders are not left out as the HA-4503XD, HA-4509XD, HA-4513XD, HA-2505XD, HA-1507, and HA-4502 have your CRF covered. The KT-4511XD and KT-5201 are the Xstream filters for many KTMs. Most Husqvarna models use the HU-1200 filter.

XStream Powerlid  cutaway view for sport ATVs

The Powerlid replaces the restrictive stock air box lid and snorkel in a range of sport ATVs

All of the XStream filters are fully washable and reusable, making them ultra convenient in paddock or on the trail. Filter recharge kits like K&N’s convenient 99-5050 or 99-5000 make the job simple.

XStream Powerlid for Sport ATVs

The Powerlid shares the design concept of the other Xstream filters. The sport ATV Powerlid replaces the restrictive air box lid and snorkel with a K&N high-flow air filter cap. This additional surface area provides increased air-flow and protection in extreme conditions.

The added bonus is that each Powerlid includes a fitted K&N DryCharger for increased protection in severe conditions. K&N will also supply all necessary jets to properly tune your ATV for the increased airflow.

XStream Powerlid, DryCharger, and jet kit for sport ATVs

XStream Powerlids come with a DryCharger and jet kit

The K&N SU-4002-T fits some Arctic Cat DVX400, Arctic Cat DVX400 TS, Kawasaki KFX400, Suzuki LTZ400 QuadSport Z, and Suzuki LTZ400 QuadSport Z LE models. The K&N HA-4504-T, HA-4506-T, and HA-4099-T, cover most models in the Honda TRX 400 and 450 series. The Powerlid for the Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee is the YA-3502-T, the YA-4504-T for the YFZ450/SE, and the YA-6601-T for the YFM660R Raptor.

Note that when using a Powerlid, an internal air filter is still required. Of course K&N has the perfect filter for that purpose as well. A K&N filter teamed with a Powerlid ensures the ultimate in potentially power boosting airflow.

All of the game-changing XStream filters come with K&N’s One-Year Limited Warranty. Check the K&N website to see if your motocross bike or sport ATV is on the extensive application list. If so, K&N has an XStream filter or Powerlid for your ride. You can also use K&N's online application search tool for all of your other oil and air filter needs.


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