The Weird, The Unusual, The Unexplainable Oddities Of The 2017 SEMA Show

The bed appears large enough to haul a few coolers and a grill for your tailgating party

Just the thing for a tailgating party for you and 11 of your best friends - with room for coolers

The Specialty Equipment Market Association puts on its annual trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and limits attendance to only those directly involved in the automotive aftermarket. As such, most of the modified vehicles on display are there to feature a particular sponsor’s product (and often more than one). It’s usually very clear as the product is prominently featured on the vehicle, it carries large stickers on its sides, and it’s in or near the sponsor’s booth. Then there is a small percentage of vehicles that don’t play by those rules. Their existence isn’t questioned by asking “why?” but rather “why the heck not” (or words to that effect). So here we give you, with all due respect and admiration, the oddities of the 2017 SEMA Show.

Park on the site was a pickup in full Pixar Cars livery

Looks like Lightning McQueen is getting away from the circle track stuff. Hey, where's Mater?

Heretic Studios is best know for the stylish UTV accessories

A very slick four-passenger UTV built by Cody Hill, who also had a matching 2017 Ford Super Duty

T-shirt maker Laid-Back used the Jambulance to draw attention to its line of wearables

The Laid Back Jambulance drew plenty of attention over the course of the show

Nicely executed C30 with an air intake nicely incorporated in the hood

It looks a bit like the driver stopped too fast and the fifth wheel horse trailer swallowed the bed

Do you think that one of the sponsors listed manufactures ladders?

While it's easy to inspect the drivetrain, it's tough to get a look at the interior

From a dollar invested to power output this Z might be a pretty good deal

Now if we could only get all the cars K&N sponsors to promote our filters so visibily

Let's assume this bus will out-drag the diesel-powered slugs that would take us to school

Isn't this pretty much the school bus we all sketched in our high school notebooks come to life?

Powered by a seven cylinder Jacobs radial engine from a 1950s seaplane

From Jay Leno's garage, a 757ci Radial Airplane Engine 1939 Plymouth Pickup

Certain to scare environmentalists right off the road

A V8-powered Prius. Somewhere in a Toyota office a product planner is banging his head on his desk

It's powered by a Cummins Diesel that's backed by an NV4500 five-speed manual

How about a 1972 crew-cab C50 Chevy pickup built by Rtech Fabrications of Hayden, Idaho

A staple in Australia for decades the production of the Ute has come to an end

Do you think ICE knows there's a Ute from Australia here on U.S. soil?

If the goal of this car was to make it as ugly as possible the builder succeeded

If there were an award for the ugliest car at the show, there's a good choice we're looking at it

The beauty of the carbon fiber construction was on dsiplay for all to see

An Acura NSX GT3 race car in its bare carbon fiber, before any sponsor decals have been applied

The windshield is missing as it was cracked on the way to SEMA

Who as a kid didn't want their own fire truck? Sometimes wishes come true