K&N's Jonathan Allard is Bumped into Second Place at Placerville Speedway

Sprint car racer Jonathan Allard was bumped out of first place in the Golden State Challenge Series at Placerville Speedway in California. He was on his way to a great finish in the K&N Filters No. 0 when contact from another car forced Allard to a stop and caused front end damage.

Jonathan Allard's K&N Filters No. 0
Jonathan Allard's K&N Filters No. 0
The crew fixed the damage and Allard went back on the track for the restart. He had his work cut out for him to get back up as high as he could. Allard stayed out of trouble the rest of the race and made it back up to 10th by the finish.

“Racing may have its ups and downs but the one thing that stays on top is the performance of our K&N Filters,” said Allard. “It was a tough night, but our team was able to work through the adversity.” Williams Motorsports goes to Tulare, California second in standings.

Thunderbowl Raceway is one of Allard’s best tracks. He has won twice in his career at the Thunderbowl and competes well there. He will go into the night against Oroville’s Sean Becker who leads him by seven points.

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