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K&N's Heavy Duty Industrial Engine Oil Filters Are Designed for Serious Filtration and Protection

K&N's series of heavy duty oil filters are designed with strength and high flow filtration engineered into the canisters. This series was specially created for high compression levels and for the tighter tolerances of turbo diesel engines. K&N synthetic micro-glass media provides lower restriction and incredible engine protection. This media also has very good cold flow characteristics while providing an excellent balance of capacity and efficiency.
K&N Heavy Duty Industrial Engine Oil Filters
K&N Heavy Duty Industrial Engine Oil Filters

These K&N heavy duty canister oil filters have a dichromate plated backing plate for corrosion protection and a Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) base gasket that makes a durable seal when installed.  HNBR has characteristics of high strength and an ability to withstand high heat.  Several of these oil filters also have a silicone anti-drain back valve. 

The addition of a thick canister with high burst strength and protection against pulsation fatigue, leads to one serious heavy duty oil filter. K&N heavy duty oil filters are also equipped with a one inch nut welded onto the end of the canister, making removal easier than most standard heavy duty oil filters.

K&N HP-8000, HP-8001, HP-8002, HP-8003, HP-8006, HP-8017, HP-8021 and HP-8025 are all examples of K&N's expanding heavy duty canister oil filter line.  Oil filter part numbers HP-8029, HP-8030, HP-8031, HP-8032, and HP-8033 are designed with an anti-drain back valve and a bypass valve.

K&N heavy duty oil filters fit a multitude of heavy duty diesel vehicles including several Freightliner, Peterbilt, Western Star, and Sterling diesel truck models.  To help find the oil filter for your application, obtain the OEM oil filter part number then use the K&N cross reference search located on the K&N website, to find the corresponding K&N part.  See K&N's premium oil filter webpage or Contact the K&N customer service department for more information on K&N's line of heavy duty oil filters.


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