K&N Reusable Heavy Duty Air Filters Save Diesel Truck Drivers Time and Money

Heavy Duty Replacement Air Filter 38-2011S
Heavy Duty Replacement Air Filter 38-2011S
With the rising cost of fuel and maintenance typical "Big Rig Truck" and Class A motorhome owners look for ways to cut operating costs without sacrificing performance. K&N has some exciting news for these owners with their line of reusable high-flow heavy duty air filters. Purchasing replacement OEM air filters over and over is now a thing of the past. K&N's washable and reusable air filter solution can save time and money. K&N heavy duty air filters are easy to clean and do not require oil.

K&N parts 38-2011S and 38-2025S are examples of heavy duty reusable air filters for diesel vehicles. K&N's 38-2011S air filter is used on some Ford F650, some Freightliner L50 and L60 Trucks and some John Deere Equipment. K&N's 38-2025S air filter is used on some Volvo VN 430, VN 630, VN 670, VN 780, VNL 300, VNM and VT 880 trucks. To find the correct heavy duty air filter for your vehicle use K&N's Air Filter Cross Reference to select your existing air filter manufacturer and part to verify the correct K&N heavy duty air filter.

K&N heavy duty air filters have a directional flow hybrid air filtration medium made from non-woven synthetic material that operates with low restriction and offers excellent protection under some of the most extreme driving conditions. Less restriction means more power and better engine efficiency. This is a good thing when climbing steep grades or even crossing the Great Plains in a vehicle that weighs more than 15,000 pounds.

Unlike K&N's automotive replacement air filters, K&N heavy duty air filters like 38-2011S and 38-2025S do not require oil, so they can be washed almost anywhere. Cleaning is a simple matter of spraying on Heavy Duty air filter cleaner, allowing it to set for a short time, rinsing the filter then allowing it to dry. An air compressor can be used on a lower setting to speed up the drying process. Once the filter has been dried simply re-install it and you will be back on the road in less time than it takes to wash down the rest of the truck.

Parts 38-2011S and 38-2025S have a radial seal, matching the OEM replacements they cross reference to below, as well as, a metal support grate on the outer edge, for extra strength. Heavy duty air filters 38-2011S and 38-2025S fit in place of the factory OEM elements and include basic installation instructions. K&N relies on the utmost quality when designing and manufacturing their heavy duty diesel products and K&N stands behind them with a 300,000 Mile Limited Warranty.

K&N 38-2011S cross references to the following:
Heavy Duty Replacement Air Filter 38-2025S
Heavy Duty Replacement Air Filter 38-2025S

Baldwin RS3517
Carquest 88744
Donaldson EAF5105
Donaldson P532966
Fleet Air FA3517
Fleetguard AF25223
Fleetguard AF25667
Fram CA8193
Hastings AF2243
Luber-Finer LAF4498
Napa 6744
Purolator A75168
WIX 46744

K&N 38-2025S cross references to the following:

Baldwin RS4642
Carquest 83126
Donaldson P605551
Donaldson P606720
Fleet Air FA4642
Fleetguard AF26163M
Fleetguard AF26472M
Fram CA9901
Hastings AF2414
Luber-Finer LAF9201
Mann-Hummel C3316302
Napa 9126
Purolator A75955
Volvo 20411815
Volvo 20882320
Volvo 21715813
WIX 49126

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