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K&N Releases New Drycharger Filter Wrap For Round Tapered Air Filters

Drycharger Filter Wrap RU-2590DK
Filter Wrap DryChargerRU-2590DK
When selecting a universal air filter, not only are its size and airflow important, the location the filter is mounted is important as well. The filter's location may expose it to unusually high levels of dust, tire spray, or even splashes of water. One way to help shield the filter from these elements is to use a DryCharger filter wrap.

K&N has DryCharger filter wraps available that extend the length between air filter cleaning. Part number RU-2590DK for example fits K&N's round tapered universal air filter part number RU-2590 , as well as other air filters with a 5 3/8" base diameter, 4 3/8" top diameter, and a height of 7". The RU-2590DK is made of a polyester mesh material with uniform micron sized pores which stops dirt and dust particles as small as 0.005" (127 microns) before they reach the K&N air filter. The RU-2590DK, like other K&N DryCharger filter wraps, is treated with silicone so it repels water. The RU-2590DK will repel water for up to one year, and can be easily cleaned by using K&N air filter cleaner. The RU-2590DK DryCharger is a great way to extend the service interval of your K&N universal air filter and protect it from the elements while adding negligible restriction.

K&N DryCharger filter wraps are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Use K&N's search by dimension to find the right size filter wrap for your clamp-on universal air filter. To find a dealer in your area use our Dealer Search.  Use our Application Search to find other K&N products for your vehicle.


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