K&N Releases High-Flow Air Filter for GAS GAS Motorcross, Enduro and Supermoto Models

GAS GAS motorcycles are known for technical performance and dynamic riding quality. In 2006, GAS GAS has improved by reducing weight an increasing quality..
Air Filter for Gas Gas SM250, SM125, MC250, M125, EC300, EC250 and EC125
Air Filter for Gas Gas SM250, SM125, MC250, M125, EC300, EC250 and EC125

K&N Engineering has released a new High-Flow Replacement Air Filter (GG-1203) for 2003-2006 GAS GAS MC125, MC2 50, EC125, EC200, EC300, SM125 and SM250 Models of Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto Motorcycles. See application list below.

The GG-1203 is a two piece filter for easy installation and removal. A 1 ounce tube of waterproof, hi-temp sealing grease and mounting hardware is supplied. Simply remove the stock air filter and air filter cage. The cage will not be used with the K&N Air Filter.

After installing the K&N Motorcycle Air Filter base into the airbox apply a small amount of sealing grease to the small diameter end of the provided spacer. Install the spacer into the top and the washers onto the stock wing bolt. Install the top, spacer, wing bolt and washers onto the K&N Air Filter. There is never any cutting or fitting required.

K&N's unique pleated design provides a large surface area and an increased volume of air flow. The GG-1203 is designed to offer  increased horsepower and acceleration. K&N uses four layers of cotton gauze placed between bonded aluminum wire screens. Within each air filter, thousands of microscopic cotton threads absorb K&N's specially formulated air filter oil and create a powerful filtering media that protects your motor from harmful contaminants and debris, while allowing your engine to breathe freely.

K&N High-Flow Air Filters are washable, reusable and covered by our K&N Racing and Off-Road Limited Warranty.

Applications are as follows:

2006 GAS GAS SM250 250
2006 GAS GAS SM125 125
2006 GAS GAS MC250 250
2006 GAS GAS MC125 125
2006 GAS GAS EC300 300
2006 GAS GAS EC250 250
2006 GAS GAS EC200 200
2006 GAS GAS EC125 125
2005 GAS GAS SM250 250
2005 GAS GAS SM125 125
2005 GAS GAS MC250 250
2005 GAS GAS MC125 125
2005 GAS GAS EC300 300
2005 GAS GAS EC250 250
2005 GAS GAS EC200 200
2005 GAS GAS EC125 125
2004 GAS GAS SM250 250
2004 GAS GAS SM125 125
2004 GAS GAS MC250 250
2004 GAS GAS MC125 125
2004 GAS GAS EC300 300
2004 GAS GAS EC250 250
2004 GAS GAS EC200 200
2004 GAS GAS EC125 125
2003 GAS GAS SM250 250
2003 GAS GAS SM125 125
2003 GAS GAS MC250 250
2003 GAS GAS MC125 125
2003 GAS GAS EC300 300
2003 GAS GAS EC250 250
2003 GAS GAS EC200 200
2003 GAS GAS EC125 125

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