K&N Partners with the PowerSport Institute Motorcycle Technician Training Program

Powersport Institute on the Ohio Technical College Campus

PSI is an integral part of the Ohio Technical College Campus in Cleveland

K&N has entered into an exciting partnership with the PowerSport Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. The PowerSport Institute (PSI) is a branch campus of Ohio Technical College and serves as a comprehensive and in-depth training program for aspiring motorcycle technicians. The impressive program is the Midwest’s technician training center for Polaris, Victory, S&S Cycle, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Indian Motorcycles. The facility has been a family-owned business since 1969.

When asked to give a nutshell overview of what students receive through their education at the institute, Campus Director, Bernie Thompson said, “PSI is an elite program that offers manufacturer certification courses. We provide motivating learning experiences in a service environment atmosphere for our students and team members through continuously evaluating student outcomes, modeling professional leadership principles, institutional goal achievement, and valuing truth and honesty.” Thompson added that the goal at PSI is that students possess solid entry-level technician skills “immediately as they enter the industry.” After the 12-18 month training program, Thompson said the students will display “a wealth of knowledge and skills that are expected of a first level (Bronze) certified technician.”

Powersport Institute Suzuki training center in Cleveland, Ohio

PowerSport Institute training facilities are state-of-the-art

In the initial phase of the partnership between PSI and K&N, students will be installing and servicing K&N air filters, oil filters, and intake systems as part of their service department training. The students will also use a dynamometer to analyze performance gains from the air filter and intake swaps. Thus, K&N products will aid in both practical and theoretical technical learning. Later on in the partnership, K&N may even team with PSI to develop curriculum as it relates to intake, as well as filtration technology. Every indication is that this will blossom into a deeply-rooted and mutually-beneficial educational relationship.

A key part about the partnership is the fact that K&N high flow air filters and premium cartridge type and spin-on/wrench-off oil filters are OEM replacement items that meet or exceed OEM specifications and requirements. Therefore, they can be used as direct OE replacements. K&N manufactures a multitude of applications that fit nearly every model of motorcycle and/or ATV that is on or off the highway today. Making K&N the perfect go to brand when looking for a direct replacement for nearly any model we get through the facility.

Thompson’s trust of K&N’s products and business ethics is a big part of why the partnership has evolved. As the Campus Director, Thompson is acutely aware that PSI’s reputation is enhanced by using and teaching with only the best parts available. He said, “PSI education partners produce the best products in the industry.” Thompson went on to state that the lofty vision and goals of PSI are “in line with K&N’s purposes, and we trust that K&N will continue to produce quality products for many years to come.”

Chopper frame at Powersport Institute in Cleveland, Ohio

If it has two wheels, PSI will help students learn about it

The educational partnership between K&N and PSI will continue to evolve, just as the institute’s commitment to delivering a quality education continues to grow. Thompson made it clear that continuing education starts at the top. He said, “The winter dealer training schedule will soon be released and we are excited to continue gaining knowledge on new models and service techniques that we can pass along to our students.” Clearly Thompson’s philosophy is that the PowerSport Institute instructors and administration must constantly be learning to provide relevant, up-to-date knowledge and techniques to their students. This meshes well with K&N Engineering’s ongoing obsession to develop and deliver the very best in performance and filtration products to its customers.