K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter for GMC, Chevrolet, Kenworth, Sterling and Isuzu Diesel Trucks Available

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
The K&N 38-2013S is a heavy duty air filter for commercial grade applications. The 38-2013S is a standard flow filter, meaning the air flows from the outside of the filter into the center, filtering the air before it gets into you engine. The 38-2013S is a heavy-duty replacement filter that fits into your air cleaner housing sealing with a radial seal. The radial seal presses against a flange at the bottom of your air box to create a seal.

K&N's 38-2013S air filter is used on a variety of trucks. This includes some Chevrolet T7500 and T8500 trucks, some GMC T5500, T6500, T7500 and T8500 trucks and some Isuzu FXR, FSR, FTR and FVR model trucks. Several Kenworth and Sterling trucks also use this heavy duty air filter in addition to a variety of John Deere equipment. The best way to find the correct heavy duty air filter for your vehicle is to use K&N's Air Filter Cross Reference. Just select your existing air filter manufacturer and part to determine the correct K&N heavy duty air filter.

The K&N 38-2013S is made with K&N's lofted synthetic media which is encased with K&N's traditional epoxy coated aluminum wire mesh. For extra protection the media and aluminum are enclosed in a powder coated steel structure. The end cap of this filter is powder coated steel with a handle for easy installation and removal.

The heavy duty 38-2013S air filter is a washable, reusable air filter. Instead of spending a small fortune on paper, throw away filters, you can buy a high-flow K&N heavy duty air filter which will last much longer. K&N heavy duty air filters come with a 300,000 mile 3 year limited warranty. When they become dirty you simply clean them, let them dry and install them again. A degreaser like K&N's Heavy Duty Cleaner can be purchased to help break down the dirt before spraying the filter clean. These filters are non-oiled so once they have been cleaned and dried they are ready to re-install with no mess.

K&N 38-2013S cross references to the following:

AC Delco A2012C
Baldwin RS3548
Carquest 88664
Donaldson P533930
Fleetguard AF25354
Fram CA8466
Hastings AF2248
Luber-Finer LF3930
Napa 6664
Purolator A65343
WIX 46664

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