K&N Filter Protects Engine During Blaze for Summit SuperSeries IHRA Racer

In the Summit SuperSeries Duck Tape Racing made its return to the track at Farmington Dragway in North Carolina. The team rewired its 1980 Volare 360, pulled the stock gas tank and tried another fuel pump hoping to cure the problem that has plagued it for months.

Duck Tape Racing's Volare 360
Duck Tape Racing's 1980 Volare 360
“When we started the car, the engine bay was engulfed in flames,” said racer Michael Beard. “A fuel check valve had been bumped partially open at some point by accident.”

A fire extinguisher doused the blaze quickly. “It’s a good thing we had a K&N Engineering Air Filter,” said Beard. “It prevented the carburetor from sucking in all the CO2 dust. Amazingly, the only thing torched was the distributor wires, which we quickly replaced. Also amazing, the K&N was unhurt, and a simple washing and re-oiling was all it needed to be pressed back into service. After that debacle, I replaced the spark plugs once again and swapped out the carburetor spacer, which I found had warped. It seemed to make a difference and it was off to the track.”

On Saturday, July 8th the stands were packed for a Pro Modified Quick 8 show and people lined the fences. “Other than one slow run where I tried something with the carburetor, the car made four out of five passes from 7.222 to 7.226,” said Beard. “During the first round of eliminations, I had a perfect .000 reaction time, my first of the season. I made it to the third round before breaking out by .009.”

On July 15th the 3rd round showing was repeated by Duck Tape Racing. Beard is currently in 3rd place in the Farmington Summit SuperSeries points, only four rounds out of the lead, with two less points races than the leaders.

Beard said he hopes to make the Top 10 in IHRA Division 9 this season.

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