K&N Air Intake for 2006 Hummer H3 Provides More than 16HP Gain

Owners of a 2006 Hummer H3 with the 3.5L engine now have the opportunity to add 16HP with the addition of a K&N 77-Series Intake System. In testing at K&N this intake, part number 77-3044KP, provided a 16.46 HP gain at the real wheels when compared to the factory intake system. The intake is easy to install, requiring a few basic tools: socket set, two wrenches, a screw driver, and an Allen wrench.
K&N Air Intake for the 2006 3.5L Hummer H3
K&N 77-3044KP Air Intake for the 2006 3.5L Hummer H3
This 77-Series air intake was engineered specifically for the Hummer H3 and its computer's electronic specifications. The intake has a slightly smaller diameter on the filter end with engineered components strategically placed to ensure air flow characteristics fall within the vehicle's computer parameters while maximizing power at the rear wheels. The design incorporates a heat shield that takes advantage of the existing stock factory inlet to bring in cold air outside the engine compartment. The intake's polished finish, cost, and ease of installation make it one of the best horsepower additions available for the H3.

The 77-3044KP can be obtained through most national auto parts store chains as well as through many performance shops, auto repair facilities, and online stores. Go to www.KNFilters.com to find a K&N dealer near you.