Keep Your 2008 - 2015 Harley-Davidson® Motor Clean with a K&N Universal Air Filter

2008 - 2015 Harley-Davidson Universal Air Filter

The RE-0961 universal filter offers good looks and superior protection from harmful contaminants.

Whether you’re out riding trails or jumping dunes on your dirt bike, or you’re running a small-bore race car on a paved oval or road course, the K&N RE-0961 universal filter can be your engine’s best friend.

K&N Harley-Davidson Universal Air Filter

The malleable filter flange can be stretched up to 1/16th of an inch for non-standard fitments

Racers in particular, are always seeking that last ounce of horsepower and some will compete without any filter at all, thinking that they’re squeezing the last bit of power out of their engine.  In fact if they slide into a gravel trap or drive through a dusty pit area, their engine is ingesting dust and dirt that can score the cylinder liners and can lead to reduced compression which, in turn, can lead to a reduction in power – just the opposite of their intention.

The RE-0961 offers exceptional flow characteristics given its compact 4.5” by 3.75” size, providing a full  102.2 CFM flow-bench tested at 1.5inH2O of restriction. While the RE-0961 can be used in sets on multiple carburetor set-ups, even a single filter can have a significant impact on power production.

For example, the RE-0961 is the centerpiece of the K&N 63-1131 AirCharger air intake for select 2008 – 2015 Harley-Davidson® Touring, Softail, Twin-Cam and Sportster motorcycle models. The air intake kit increases power by eliminating the restrictive stock OE air cleaner and replacing it with the RE-0961 K&N high-flow air filter and mandrel bent aluminum intake tube. Tested on an otherwise stock 2015 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, the 63-1131 kit with its RE-0961 filter and aluminum intake tube raised the engine’s output from 68.2 horsepower to 75 hp, an estimated increase of 6.8 hp or about 10%.

2008 - 2015 Harley-Davidson K&N Air Intake

K&N offers the 63-1131 Aircharger kit for select 2008-2015 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The RE-0961 filter is included with that intake kit.

K&N universal air filters are manufactured from multiple layers of oiled cotton, a well-regarded filter media due to the irregular surface of the cotton thread and its ability to grab passing dust and dirt. The RE-0961 not only allows for increased airflow but also provides excellent filtration properties to ensure long engine life. In fact, filter efficiency is 98.54%. This is verified by K&N’s sophisticated in-house ISO 5011 air filter filtration efficiency testing, which adheres to International Standard Organization protocols, ensuring that K&N air filters provide high airflow without sacrificing engine protection. All universal air filters are constructed with durable, molded rubber flanges that absorb engine vibration and allow for secure attachment. Further, the filter can be stretched up to 1/16" (1.5mm) to fit in-between sizes.

The only maintenance required for a K&N universal filter is a quick and easy service. When needed just grab a K&N 99-5000 air filter cleaning kit to refresh and re-oil your air filter -- bringing it back to brand-new condition and ready for more miles of riding, driving, or racing. The filter also comes from K&N with a one year limited warranty.

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