Jim McConville Wraps Up a Successful ASRA and CCS Sportbike Racing Season

Jim McConville racing in the ASRA and CCS series

Jim McConville has reason for optimism as he prepares for 2018

Jim McConville’s goal to race in the expert class of the American Sportbike Racing Association (ASRA) and the Championship Cup Series (CCS) is closer than ever after a successful 2017 amateur season. The hard-working K&N-sponsored racer hit several career milestones in his just-completed racing campaign. McConville, who works full-time as a computer expert, is relentless in his pursuit of his racing goals.

A Return to Form

After very promising racing results in 2013 and 2014, McConville’s ascent in the sportbike racing world was derailed in the middle of the 2015 season when a chain thrown from a competitor’s bike chipped a bone in his leg.

Jim McConville racing in the rain in the ASRA series

McConville has become adept at racing on wet tracks

“It took me till the end of 2016 to feel comfortable again on the bike,” McConville said. “One of my goals was getting back to my lap times from 2014.”

With that setback in the rear-view mirror, McConville's return to form was realized in 2017. His season included an impressive 11 podiums in 14 rain races. McConville excels in adverse racing conditions which is a testament to the racer’s mental toughness. He was only a second or two behind the professional expert racers on wet tracks.

However, it was not just about the rain in 2017. McConville had newfound success in the competitive Championship Cup Series.

Jim McConville on the podium at Daytona

Topping the podium at Daytona was a season highlight for McConville

“Getting my first CCS podium was one of my goals this year, said McConville. “I won two races, and also raced to three 2nd, and two 3rd place finishes.”

Winning on an iconic course is special, and McConville got to taste that sweet fruit in 2017. “Winning a race in Daytona was a big highlight this year,” McConville said.

McConville finished second in both national series in 2017.

Looking Toward 2018

K&N has been a part of McConville’s racing efforts since 2010, and that support will continue as he strives toward his competitive goals.

Jim McConville racing in the ASRA and CCS series

Jim McConville leads the pack in a 2017 sportbike race

“My biggest goal is bumping to expert,” McConville reiterated. That move to the elite class will allow him to test and refine his racing technique with the best of the best.

Spending more time on the track is something McConville knows will further his development. “I also want work more as a control rider for a local track day company,” he said.

On the technical side, McConville is excited to switch from Dunlop to Michelin tires. He also has a long-term goal of piloting a new race bike - a goal which may have to wait until 2019.

One thing is clear, 2018 looks to be a break-out season for Jim McConville, and K&N is excited to be a part of the effort.