Jeff Interlicchia and the 750 Horsepower 1966 Dodge Coronet Win at Auto Club Famoso Raceway

Jeff Interlicchia at Auto Club Famoso Raceway
Jeff Interlicchia at Auto Club Famoso Raceway
In the hotbed of drag racing, Southern California lives a driver who is closing in on a career season. 43-year-old Jeff Interlicchia is running away with the inaugural NMCA Quick Street championship with just two races remaining, while also looking to make a late-season charge into the top 10 in NHRA Stock points.

Since winning his first Summit Series race in 2004, Interlicchia and his 1966 Dodge Coronet have been tearing up drag strips in Southern California, winning races at a steady pace. Interlicchia has five career Wally's in his name, and has a great chance of landing a few more before this season is over.
Jeff Interlicchia's 1966 Dodge Coronet puts out around 750 horsepower.
Jeff Interlicchia's 1966 Dodge Coronet has a 512c.i. naturally aspirated engine that puts out around 750 horsepower.

"I won the first NMCA event at Fontana in the Street Muscle class, and won the second race at Bakersfield in the Quick Street class. I've also set a National Record and won two Wally's in my Stock Eliminator car, so I feel I am a versatile driver who competes well in different classes and at many different tracks.

"I can't wait to get back to the NMCA West Coast final in Bakersfield in October. Hopefully I can become their first Quick Street champion, if all goes well."

Interlicchia's Coronet is nothing to be taken lightly. Purchased in 2003 at a Mopar car show, the Coronet originally ran in the 14-second range, but with the addition of a 512c.i. naturally aspirated engine, the car now runs in the mid 10-second range while putting on a nice wheelie show for the fans. The car puts out around 750 horsepower.

Interlicchia has driven the car to wins at the All Mopar race in Fontana, SCEDA track championships and now to a commanding lead in NMCA competition.
Jeff Interlicchia and his 1966 Dodge Coronet
Jeff Interlicchia and his 1966 Dodge Coronet

The Coronet handles so well, Interlicchia was able to jump back in it after running his Stock Eliminator entry for a few races, and hardly miss a beat, although the driver needed a tune-up.

"At the NMCA race in Bakersfield, I won my second event in a row. But when I showed up, I had been running my Stock Eliminator car so much, I completely forgot how to stage and launch the Dodge, so my first timed run botched.

"That didn't sit well with me, and it made me focus harder on winning that Wally. Everything played out perfectly for me, then in Pomona, I lost in the fourth round by one-thousandth of a second, which stopped the three-peat, but gave me a favorable points lead."

As the season comes to an end, Interlicchia is looking to jump back into the national spotlight in both NHRA and NMCA competition, and if he does, it will be with K&N Filters in the car.

"K&N air filters help both of my cars by allowing me to keep dirt out of my motor and still get maximum horsepower. K&N wrench-of oil filters do an amazing job of keeping contaminants out of the engine as well. When I have to change oil between rounds, the wrench-off design makes the job that much easier and cleaner. K&N has helped me greatly, and I really thank them for that."

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