Don’t Miss an Episode: Horsepower Wars 10K Drag Shootout

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Can you do a race-ready dragster build in 10 days and with $10,000? The Horsepower Wars 10K Drag Shootout is looking to answer that question. Teams from both the U.S. and Australia will be challenged to build a racecar with limited time and a limited budget—each team has $7,000 dollars to spend at Summit Racing Equipment and an additional $3,000 in cash to buy any other incidentals. Perhaps even more challenging, each team only has 10 days to complete all of their work and get their vehicles race-ready.


K&N is sponsoring the 10K Drag Shootout, and will be providing industry-leading filtration products to each team. “We’ve been spearheading filtration technology for racers since 1969,” said Phil Swire, K&N’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It will be exciting to see what these dragsters are capable of in the final episode.”

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This year’s teams include Team Enemies Everywhere, Team Midwest Mayhem, The Comp Cams Dream Team, and Team Bigun (the returning champions).



9/10/2019 Episode 1: “The Arrival”

9/17/2019 Episode 2: “The Teardown”

9/24/2019 Episode 3: “Building Begins”

10/1/2019 Episode 4: “Middle of the Build Part 1”

10/8/2019 Episode 5: “Middle of the Build Part 2”

10/15/2019 Episode 6: “Scramble and the Finish”

11/12/2019 Episode 7: “The Race”


Check out each full episode when they go live at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST on the Horsepower Wars website.