Funny Car Racer Phil Burkart Readies for Toyo Tires Nationals

Racer Phil Burkart is preparing for the annual meeting of avid fans and machinery in the rural Pennsylvania countryside at Maple Grove Raceway.

As he readies for this weekend’s Toyo Tires Nationals, Burkart has recently put big round wins on the board at both Memphis and Indianapolis. He has vaulted himself back into the POWERade top ten for the first time since late May.

Funny Car Racer Phil Burkart uses K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters
Funny Car Racer Phil Burkart uses K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters
At Burkart’s opening round win at his most recent race, the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals in Indy, the Checker, Schuck’s Kragen Funny Car driver pulled off a major hole-shot win.

“Things have definitely been better for us over the last two races, and we’re building off that,” said Burkart. “Not only that, but our second round losses were both nothing to sneeze at either. We were beat by Eric Medlen and Robert Hight in those two rounds, and we have them both a battle to the end, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of there. We went through a period of not being able to get a win light, no matter what we did, and it feels good to get off that streak.”

Phil Burkart's Checker,Schuck's,Kragen Funny Car
Phil Burkart's Checker,Schuck's, Kragen Funny Car
Burkart and his crew use K&N Engineering’s Premium Performance Gold Oil Filters(HP-5001). “The thick canister walls on the K&N Filters have extra strength and durability,” he said. “It reduces the risk of damage from debris on the race track.”

Burkart is taking it one race at a time and one lap at a time. “We plan to win as many rounds as possible,” he said. “We aim to keep going.”

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