FL Racing Team Preps for Bonneville Speed Week

Speed Week is back at Bonneville Speedway in the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah and land speed records are waiting to be broken. Each year the venue is marked with a broad black line down its center by the Utah State Highway Department.

Two tracks are usually prepared; a 10 mile long straightaway for speed trials and an oval or circular track for distance runs, which is typically between 10 to 12 miles depending on the salt surface conditions. Eight riders from the Falkner Livingston Team (FL) are on the Speed Week agenda.

Paul and Becca Livingston
Paul and Becca Livingston
Jason McVicar of the FL Racing Team wants to dominate the Salt Flats by breaking the top record of 259 mph on the long distance course. He is part of the prestigious 200 mph club member at Bonneville, El Mirage and Maxton. McVicar is also one of only five people to set 6 records on one bike at Bonneville’s Speed Week in its 56 year racing history.

“There is a strategy to the long course,” said FL Assistant Team Manager Becca Livingston. “On the course riders have to figure out how to peak their speed during the third, fourth and fifth miles, which are the timed. It means they have to go two miles before they reach maximum speeds.”

Marks and cones indicate the end of the track and the position of timing equipment on the measured mile. The event is organized by The Southern California Timing Association and Bonneville Nationals Inc.

“We are mounting tires, and checking everything,” said Livingston. “The data acquisition on our bikes is a key element on our tuning for the salts. Conditions are so variable it can be 70 degrees in the morning and 110 a few hours later.”

Falkner Livingston is running motorcycles in the 1650cc, 1350cc, 750cc and 650cc. Paul Livingston set the new 750 APS-F Record at El Mirage in May 2006 and a new 1650 P/P Record at El Mirage in July 2006. “We use K&N Engineering Oil and Air Filters on all our motorcycles,” said Livingston. “Salt gets everywhere; it’s similar to table salt, really fine granules. “Salt storms invade our motorcycles, but with K&N no salt whatsoever gets into our engines.”

FL Racing Team Readies for Bonneville
FL Racing Team Readies for Bonneville
There are reportedly a record number of entrants of motorcycles and cars for 2006. “It gets bigger every year,” said Livingston. “I booked this trip on January 5th and could only get two rooms on only three nights for 20 people for one week. We are bringing our sleeping bags this year. We start on Saturday and are off the salt by 3pm on Friday. We’ll be tired and dirty but it is going to be another adventure.”

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